Year in Review – 2014 Goals

December 10, 2014

2015 is three weeks away! Like many of you, I cannot believe that 2014 is almost over.  I thought it would be fun to post a Year in Review series each Wednesday leading up to New Years Eve.  On that day I will share my 2015 goals. 


Today I am reviewing my 2014 goals that I shared last New Years Eve.

RUNNING(here is my mid-year review)


Track Weekly Mileage – A great accountability tool since March!

Follow a Training Plan – I followed my marathon training group’s plan for New York and loosely following a Hal Higdon plan for Charleston. 

Capture/Record Splits – Great mid-year and stopped for the second half of the year.

Create A, B, C Race Goals –Check! I will continue this next year.

#14in2014- I’ve completed 24 races and will have number 25 coming up in a couple of weeks.  Next week I’ll share a running by the numbers post. 

Time Goals – Achieved half. 

  • Sub 2:30 in the half marathon – ONGOING – currently 2:33:32
  • Sub 2:00 in the ten miler – ACHIEVED – 1:51:46
  • Sub 1:10 in the 10K – ACHIEVED – 1:09:10
  • Sub 0:30 in the 5K -ONGOING – currently 30:57 

Finish the NYC Marathon – Yes, I did! Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

FITNESS(here is my mid-year review)

Yoga/Barre/Ballet 1x/week –   Inconsistent, especially during marathon training.  Been getting better the past couple of weeks.

Spinning/Zumba 1x/week – Same as above!

Incorporate Swimming – Have not gone swimming this year.

Complete 5 Regular Pushups – Yes! Not the prettiest for #4 and #5, but much improved from last year’s zero.

Foam Roll Everyday – Pretty good!

Continue Strength Training – Strength trained throughout the year.

NUTRITION/FUN IN THE KITCHEN (here is my mid-year review)


Track my meals – Pretty inconsistent.  I will carry this over next year for sure.

Cook a new recipe/month – Pretty good..although I did not cook a new recipe a month, it averaged out to more than one recipe/month.

Take a knife/cutting skills class – This should have been an easy one to accomplish since I received some YouTube recommendations, but didn’t get to it. 



Blog to hold myself accountable – Yes!

Blog to have fun – Yes and still blogging!

Continue working on sub-pages and design elements – I think the only enhancement I made was inserting a Pinterest java code so the Pinterest icon will appear if you hover over a picture.  I have some more design related plans for 2015 – which I will share in the next couple of weeks.



Take a non-running vacation – I was able to visit Turkey, the Republic of Georgia, Montreal and Quebec City. No races involved 🙂 

Read at least 2 books/quarter – Total fail! I think I read two the entire year!

Re-learn to knit and crochet – Back on next year’s list!

Volunteer at least 4x this year – Only managed to volunteer 2x this year – the Cherry Blossom and Nike Women’s Half expos.

How did your 2014 goals go this year?

Have you started planning for 2015?

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