Year Ahead – 2015 Goals

December 31, 2014

Happy New Year’s Eve!  I will be spending the last day of 2014 in Washington, DC.  Like last year, today I am going to share my goals for 2015.



1. Marathon –Complete Marathon #3 and maybe #4

2. Trail Running -Run a trail race, thanks to all your suggestions

3. Run/Walk 900 Miles -Based on my records this year, averages 75/month

4. Run the States -Run a half or full in a new state, post to follow 🙂

5. Time Goals -Focus on the yellow ones, the rest should follow 



1. Yoga/Barre -Continue going to yoga/barre each week 

2. Cross/Strength Training -Continue cross/strength training each week

3. Pushups -Complete 10 pushups in good form

4. Forearm Planks -Plank consistently for 2 minutes

5. Triathlon -Complete my third sprint! Any blog recommendations?


1. Log my Meals -Same as last year, need more consistency 

2. Cook New Recipe/Month -This worked last year and I had fun

3. Follow Pre/Post Recovery Plan -Be more deliberate during training


1. Redesign -Fun updates to this site, separate post to follow


1. Re-Learn to Knit -Carryover from last year…going to happen

2. Read 2 Books/Quarter -Another carryover from last year

3. Volunteer 3 Times -Last years goal was 4x, I volunteered 2x

4. Learn Calligraphy -The artsy side of me wants to take a class 

For my running/fitness goals I will be able to break them apart and hold myself accountable through my monthly goals. As for the remainder of my goals I will check in quarterly/semi-annually.

In case you missed my Year in Review posts:

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Have a safe and wonderful New Year’s celebration.

Do you have your goals picked out for the new year?

Do you have any similar goals?

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