Weekly Workout/Training in Review 5/8-5/14

May 18, 2017

Hola hola! Last week was a good week, even though I did not fit in all my runs in (I was aiming for 3, ran 2).  I’m going to be stricter about my workouts in the next few weeks. I’m publishing this a little late, so I’ll link up with everyone next week.  

Monday 5/8 – Rest Day 

Sore from the weekend. Particularly my calves/shins. 

Tuesday 5/9 – Rest Day 

Same as above. 

Wednesday 5/10 – Rest Day 

This was a planned rest day. Cliff and I met our friends for some sushi –>MOMO Sushi Cafe…yum! After dinner we moved over to Del Ray for some frozen yogurt.  It was my first time in this neighborhood, so cute!  I had a sundae from the Dairy Godmother and it was delicious!

Now I understand why everyone raves about it. I took a picture, but it did not save to my camera…..that means I have to go again and take another photo for ya’ll, right?

Thursday 5/11 – Rest Day

Work work work work.

Friday 5/12 – Rest Day 

Worked out of a different office today and forgot to bring my running clothes. Fail 🙁 Perks of this office: free gym, free coffee, and snazzy filter/sparkling water machine. The views are pretty nice too! 

Saturday 5/13 – 3.1 miles | 13:12 min/mile

I joined my company for the National Police Week 5K. It was my first time running it and it was great! I’ll recap it later (eventually..I know I know), but here are the highlights: proceeds to a great cause, flat course – similar to the Turkey Chase, and I improved 4 minutes from last month’s Cherry Blossom 5K! I was feeling good my first mile and shocked when I saw the 12:22 split appear on the screen.  I haven’t seen that number in awhile! Of course I proceeded to positive split the 5K, but I am okay with that.  It was the first time in a long time I felt good about a run. 

After the 5K (and a quick shower), Cliff and I headed out to the Virginia burbs to pick up a surprise cake for my brother’s girlfriend. She recently passed her social work licencing exam and will graduate with a Masters in Social Work this week.  On our way there we stopped by the Eden Center in Falls Church.  The Eden Center is a Vietnamese strip mall with tons of restaurants and shops. It was a perfect morning for some pho! This was Cliff’s first time eating it as well. 

We picked up the green tea cake at Breeze Bakery, which is a Korean bakery.  There were so many treats in there! I was so concerned that they would misspell her name, that I didn’t realize they left out the “S” in congratulations 🙂 I decided to leave it like that because it was a little funny. PS – the cake was AMAZING! 

Sunday 5/14 – 3.1 miles | 14:47 min/mile 

Yes back to back 5Ks! Cliff and I met my mom and cousins in Bethesda, Maryland for the Hope for Henry 5K.  Since I ran the National Police Week 5K the day before, I wanted to take this easy.  It was significantly warmer on Sunday and this course was hilly! My legs were definitely tired.  

Local readers – have you been to the Eden Center before? 

Do you like green tea? Green tea _____ (cake, cookies)? 

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    1. I’ve been to a restaurant in the Eden Center, but it wasn’t my favorite. I still haven’t been to Dairy Godmother, although we did just go to a butcher in Del Ray for the Mother’s Day feast my son made!
      Coco recently posted…Yay For RainMy Profile

    1. Hey there! It’s challenging keeping up in a busy week!good job! I enjoy drinking green tea, and haven’t had too much more (maybe green tea cookies?)

    1. LOVE the new layout! It’s my first time seeing it. Congrats to your bro’s GF on her MSW! And congrats to you, on your improvement from the Cherry Blossom 5k! 🙂 I’ve been to Eden Center. It’s the best when you’re in the mood for some good Vietnamese food. Hope Cliff enjoyed the pho!

    1. Hi Jennifer, hope you’re good and training is going well. Looking forward to reading more posts from you. All the best, Deano 🙂

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