Weekly Workout/Training in Review 4/24-4/30

May 3, 2017

Hello! I am back in DC after a quick trip to the Aloha State.  Cliff had a work trip, so I tagged along and teleworked for the week (air mileage points for the win).  I worked my same east coast hours, which meant I was up from 2:30AM-11:00AM Hawaiian Time.  That left me a half a day to explore Waikiki/Honolulu (I usually went to bed around 7:00PM-8:00PM).  I’m writing this post a little late, so I missed the linkups. I’ll rejoin them next week! 

Monday 4/1 – 2 miles | 13:36 min/mile

I enjoyed a beautiful “runch” along the Ala Wai Canal.  This was around 6:00AM HAST and the weather was perfect.  I was happy I did not experience any foot numbness like I did the previous week. 

Tuesday 4/2 – 2 miles hiking 

After work I took the city bus to Diamond Head State Park for a 2 mile hike.  I forgot how steep it can get (I visited almost 10 years ago).  The views were marvelous.  I will post a separate recap soon. 

Wednesday 4/3 – Rest Day 

Sunburned + sore = Rest Day! I enjoyed a few hours at Waikiki Beach.

Thursday 4/4 – Rest Day

Even though I applied sunscreen, I think I got sunburn on my sunburn, if that is possible.  Rookie move Jennifer, rookie move.

Friday 4/5 – Rest Day 

It was time to head home <-major sad face.  
Saturday 4/6 – 6 miles | 17:00 min/mile

I landed at Dulles at 7:00AM after 10 hours of travel and a few time zone changes.  Courtney and Caitlin picked me up from the airport for the North Face Endurance Challenge.  We met up with the rest of the Oiselle ladies and took the shuttle to the start at Algonkian Regional Park. This was my first time participating in the marathon relay (the past two years conflicted with my schedule) and boy was I in for a surprise. I was on a team with Courtney, Caitlin and Mandy.  Thank you ladies for letting me go second.  In a nutshell, there was mud, I faceplanted, both feet went numb, and it was hot! There was plenty of walking and sliding involved.  I crossed the finish line and started crying. They were definitely tears of frustration.  Kudos for everyone who ran that day and I had a nice afternoon catching up with everyone.  

Sunday 4/7 – Rest Day

Sore + jet lagged = Rest Day!

Have you ever run a North Face Endurance Challenge race?

Have you been to Hawaii? Is it on your wishlist? 

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      1. Run Jenny Run

        Thanks, Amy! It was a nice quick trip. Hope you are having a great week!

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Thanks Chaitali. It was a tough one. After I finished I said I would never do it again, but then of course I’ve changed my mind πŸ™‚

      1. Run Jenny Run

        I know, a little nuts πŸ™‚ I wish it was a little cooler on Saturday. It warmer here vs. Hawaii.

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Thanks, Stacey! I remember your post from your trip! I was hoping there would be a 5K or 10K while I was there, but nothing that weekend. Alot of tris around the islands though.

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Thanks!! Hawaii will be a beautiful run (although sticky). Is the Maui half the one on your list?

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