Weekly Workout/Training in Review 6/1-6/7

June 9, 2014

June 9, 2014

This month is definitely off to a better start!

Sunday 6/1 – 5 miles

Monday 6/2 – Rest day

Tuesday 6/3 – 2 miles elliptical + 60 minute training session

Wednesday 6/4 – 2 miles walking 

Thursday 6/5 – 2 miles elliptical + 60 minute training session

Friday 6/6 – 1 mile walking

Saturday 6/7 – Rest day

Total: 12 miles

My total mileage was more than 2x than the previous week.  I like getting back into a routine!  The highs from last week was the 5 mile run and the training sessions (we did a lot of arm work).  However, when I was getting out of my car after the 5 miler, I noticed pain in my hip flexor.  It has gotten better over the course of the week and only hurts when I’ve been in a sitting position for a long time.  

There was also much to celebrate last Sunday.  In the morning my cousins hosted a one month party for their son – introducing him to family and friends.

We also went to dinner for my brother and dad’s birthdays.

How was your weekend?

Is June off to  good start?

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