Weekly Workout/Training in Review 5/25-5/31

June 2, 2014

June 2, 2014

I love short work weeks – I had a relaxing weekend with some of my favorite people and caught up on some much needed sleep! I think (and hope) my schedule is back to “normal” next week.


This was a much better workout week than last week.  Although the number of rest days were greater than the number of exercise days, I am glad it was not zero. 

Sunday 5/25 – Rest day

Monday 5/26 – Rest day

Tuesday 5/27 – 1 mile elliptical + 60 minute training session 

Wednesday 5/28 – Rest day

Thursday 5/29 – Rest day

Friday 5/30 – 2 miles elliptical + 60 minute training session

Saturday 5/31 – 2 miles walking

Total: 5 miles 

My elliptical/run total for May was 30.1 miles, a 12 mile decrease from April’s total (42 miles).  I am not terribly bothered about that since I was pretty much out of commission for two weeks. My mileage should pickup next week/the upcoming months as I begin my marathon training.  Exercise-wise, the highlight of this week was definitely my training sessions.  I got my butt kicked, but it felt great! I can now complete 2 pushups before switching to the modified pushup position.

On to the fun (and food) stuff! I had a delicious dinner at Ghibellina – the risotto cake, veal, and lamb were yummy! We also had excellent people watching seats!  Sorry, forgot to take pics.


Image: Ghibellina

This past weekend I had brunch at the Tabard Inn with two of my good friends from b-school. I recommend the donuts. 


And we are already halfway through the year!

Are you increasing or decreasing your mileage during the summer months?

Did you run this weekend?

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