Weekly Workout/Training in Review 3/16-22

March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014

Hello Monday! Where did the weekend go?  More appropriately the year? 2014 is almost 25% done! Running-wise it has been great! I am able to run 10-11 miles without much thought (yayy), which I attribute to a combination of training through the winter and writing about it (well some of it) on my blog.

I took a look at my 2014 goals (a year to date post to come next week) and reminded myself that I wanted to (a) track my weekly running mileage and (b) incorporate more cross training (yoga, swimming etc) into my weekly routine, especially when I officially begin logging miles/training for the New York City Marathon (I had guaranteed entry).

I’ve seen other bloggers include a weekly workout/training log and I thought it would be an excellent way to hold myself accountable to these goals and shed some light my non-running activities (most likely more food posts!)

Sunday 3/16 – Rest day post Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Half / Early b-day dinner with the fam

Monday 3/17 – Easy 3 miles on the elliptical machine

Tuesday 3/18 – Rest day / Birthday dinner

Wednesday 3/19 – Rest day / Georgetown vs. Loyola Lacrosse (10-9 Win! Go Hounds!)

Thursday 3/20 -1/2 mile warm up + 60 minutes training session + 45 min spin

Friday 3/21 – 1/2 mile warm up + 60 minutes training session

Saturday 3/22 – Rest day / Sore hamstrings from Thursday/Friday

This week was definitely on the lighter end – both mileage and fitness wise.  Highs included: my two training sessions (a lot of strength work) and spin class.  Lows included: sore hamstrings (in a good way), so opted out of a long run with my old roommate this past Saturday. 

And of course I cannot leave out my food adventures! Last Sunday I went to Pearl Dive Oyster Palace with my parents and sister for an early birthday celebration.  Unplanned, we were seated at the Chef’s Table in the kitchen!  Service was great, the food was yummy and overall a great experience.  I definitely recommend this restaurant (Chef’s Table or not). 


Lupo Verde and Bistro du Coin, were also on the culinary tour this past week (the former a new restaurant in 14th street and the latter a DC fixture since 2000).  Sorry no pics! I have the best family and friends – thanks for celebrating!

How was your weekend?

Do you log/track your running or weekly activities? How has it helped you?

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