Turkish/Georgian Vacation Recap – Part 3

August 26, 2014

Missed Part 1, and Part 2?

Days 2 and 3 were spent touring Istanbul.  After a yummy breakfast (more food pics from my trip here) Ali and I headed to the Galata Tower where there were magnificent views of the city.


Afterwards we hopped onto a tram towards  Old City and visited the Basilica Cistern – so stunning. This was built in the 5th century during the Byzantine Empire. We rented walking audio guides – well worth the $5.


Next was the Grand Bazaar – one of the world’s oldest and largest covered markets (61 streets and about 3000 shops).  You can buy scarves, clothing, textiles, rugs… just about everything.  I was a bit naive and did not know this was a covered market – I imagined it to be open air. We spent a couple hours in there, but I have heard others could spend all day there! Travel tip – the salesman, while nice, can be aggressive, just keep on moving.


The next day we were suppose to go on a biking tour of the Asian side of Turkey (the country is in Europe and Asia), but the booking agency we used made a scheduling error.  Instead, we took a ferry ride along the Bosphorus River.  Travel tip – if you want to go on a ferry cruise, try the commuter boats, do not follow the people with signs.


We also stopped by the Egyptian Spice Market – I wasn’t too impressed, smaller than I imagined, but snagged some cool pictures.


And of course taking pictures with statues. Those round circles are the Turkish version of bagels, they are pretty good.


Next up: Last day in Istanbul…

Do you have a favorite spice? Least favorite spice?

Do you like shopping at markets?

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