Throwback Thursday-Marine Corps Marathon

October 23, 2014

October 23, 2014

A fun Throwback Thursday nod to the Marine Corps Marathon! Below is a picture of me and my cousins Steph and Chris following the 2007 Marine Corps Marathon.  Can’t believe that was 7 years ago!


Interestingly enough, MarathonFoto still has my digital images availabe online from 2007.  Based on all the emails we receive from them, I always thought they were deleted after a year or so.


Image: MarathonFoto

My then 24 year old self did not want to spend money on the offical race images.  I plan on reaching out to MarathonFoto to see if I can purchase a few of them – so fun!

What led me to those photos?  As I approach the New York City Marathon, I regret not saving my Marine Corps Marathon bib (my bibs are always wrinkly and wet, which is why I do not save them).  I am planning on asking MCM (in a few months when they are not as busy) if there is a way I could get the bib reproduced (digital file, scan/edit). In the mean time I googled MCM + 2007 and saw the 2007 MarathonFoto link. Definitely took me down memory lane.

Do you save your bibs?

Do you typically buy race photos?

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