Tasty Thursday – Canadian Edition, Ey!

August 21, 2014

Today I will be sharing some of the delicious food I ate while in Montreal and Quebec City.  These two cities are in Canada’s Quebec province and have a strong French influence because of French rule in the 1500s. Next week Tasty Thursday will be back to its regular programming and have a recipe 🙂

Crepes galore!! Savory crepe.


Sweet crepe.


Portuguese egg tarts (also known as po-tarts) at the Jean Talon market… sooo good! The last time I had one was in Macau.


At home we may see French Onion soup on the menu… here it is just onion soup 🙂


Montreal’s famous poutine – french fries with gravy and cheese curds.  I chose the duck poutine.


Creme brulee – of course!

Do you like sweet or savory crepes?

Have you ever tried poutine?

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