Tasty Thursday – Alive Juices

October 30, 2014

October 30, 2014

Tasty Thursday is back today!  A few weeks ago I was contacted by the team at Alive Juices to see if I was interested in trying their juices. I was hesitant at first because I am neither a huge juice drinker nor a fan of vegetable drinks such as V-8.  Then I thought, what is the harm in trying? Perhaps I will end up liking them.


Image: Alive Juices

The Company

Alive Juices was founded by Rachan Malhotra.  After his father suffered a stroke, Rachan and his family created fruit and vegetable juices for him using Ayurvedic guidelines.  He witnessed how it helped his father in the recovery process and left his job in IT to pursue a business that delivers (for free) fresh juices to those in the DC area (yayy entrepreneurs).

The Product  

According to their website, “We are on a mission to help transform your body into a self-healing machine!” Alive Juices offers several juice plans (sampler, weight loss, nutrition, cleanses) and eight (yes eight) types of flavors.  The juices are sourced from local farms and Whole Foods and are prepared in a commercial kitchen in College Park, MD.  

The Juice Experience

Prior to the delivery I received an email from Rachan confirming my delivery details, welcoming me to Alive Juices, product information, instructions, and what to expect.  Because this was two weeks prior to my marathon I did not want to completely change my diet around with a cleanse.  I emailed Rachan asking his opinion and he suggested since I was new to juicing, split each juice between morning and afternoon.


Alive Juices sent me a sampler of their eight juices.  I arranged to have them delivered to my office building since they needed to be refrigerated.  When the deliveryman arrived he gave me a call and I received my juices – cool bag right?


The juices were stored in Mason jars and labeled with the juice number, expiration date, and prepared for ______(insert your initials).


The delivery also came with some nuts/seeds and herbs to put into the juice. All the juices are prepared using the “Big 5” of apple, ginger, garlic, sprouts and lemon.  Sounds….interesting right? I was to drink the juices in numbered order:

  • #1: Positive Karma – cucumber+celery+spinach+cilantro
  • #2: Superfoods Yog – carrots+red bell peppers+mint
  • #3: Low Calorie Shakti – romaine lettuce+celery+parsley
  • #4: Detox Mantra – carrots+beet+kale+cilantro
  • #5: Guru’s Green – romaine+lettuce+bokchoy+collards+fennel
  • #6: Green Chakra – cucumber+swiss chard+mint
  • #7: Eternal Shakti – red cabbage+parsley+rapini+watermelon
  • #8: Morning Sunshine – squash+cilantro+yellow bell+pepper+ pineapple

To my surprise – they were all tasty and very filling! Each jar is 200 calories and according to the company leaves you full for about five hours. 

The Final Thoughts

  • Communications with the company was quick and easy. 
  • I liked the email Rachan sent out and how accessible he was via email. An excellent display of customer service.
  • Yayyy for free delivery (DC area)! The deliveryman was prompt and gave me a call when he was heading over to my office building (the empty jars and bag are picked back up by the company).
  • The nuts and seeds were yummy.
  • For the first couple of days, one ay experience gassiness while the body adjusts to the juices – this was true!
  • I felt full – but in a satisfying way.
  • 200 calories/jar!
  • FYI Alive Juices are not pasteurized.
  • Different price points and plans.

While the juices were tasty – they were a bit sweet for me (the apple notes came through).  According to their website they do make a different version of the juices that tastes a little less sweet.  I think I will give those a shot one day! 

For more information visit Alive Juices at their website.

Do you make your own juices at home?

Have you tried a juice cleanse before?

Note: I received Alive Juices in exchange for sharing my review. All thoughts and opinions on the blog are my own.

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