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July 2, 2014

July 2, 2014

My first race for 2015! This weekend I registered for the Shamrock Dolphin Challenge, which is the Townebank 8K on Saturday and the Anthem Half Marathon on Sunday. After hearing so many great reviews of the Shamrock Race Weekend and my great experience with J&A Racing, I knew this would go on my 2015 schedule. 

I know, I know…. 2014 isn’t over yet, why sign up so early? I wanted to take advantage of the lower registration fees – it increased by $20 on July 1st. 

Some of my co-workers and friends have asked how I plan/budget for my running.  I’ll have a post sometime next week going over that. 

Is the Shamrock (insert distance) on your shortlist for next year? 

Have you started planning/registering for next year? 

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