Shamrock Half Training 2/2-2/8 – Week 3

February 9, 2015

The weekend goes by so quickly! I definitely have the case of the Mondays!

Monday 2/2 – 1 mile 

Tuesday 2/3 – 2 miles + 60 minutes personal training

Wednesday 2/4 – Rest day 

Thursday 2/5 – 2.3 miles + 60 minutes personal training

Friday 2/6 – Rest day 

Saturday 2/7 – Langley 8K 

Sunday 2/8 – Rest day

Total: 10.27 miles

This week called for a 10K for my long run (I follow a modified version of Hal Higdon’s intermediate half marathon plan for long runs).  This past Saturday I ran the DCRR Langley 8K as my training run (free races for the win).  I am glad I did not study the course map ahead of time because it was hilly! I definitely got my butt kicked and had to walk up the last mini hill.  Thank goodness I was running with my friend Rachel, she was definitely encouraging and did a great job with all the hills!

Image: Courtney 

Courtney was volunteering at the event and was able to snag the above picture-thanks! Mar also ran it and has a nice recap of the race here.  While Shamrock will be flat, this 8K made me realize I need to incorporate more hill training (focused hill repeats and/or hillier training courses).  Following the run I had brunch with my mom. 

We went to Kapnos, where we enjoyed some Greek food. This restaurant is owned by a former Top Chef contestant, Mike Isabella.  Their current head chef was a contestant on the show this past season.  My favorite dish was the melitzanosalata (smoked eggplant, roasted peppers, walnuts, and feta).

Later in the evening I enjoyed some sushi with Cliff.

Today I am linking up with Tara at Running n’ Reading for her Weekend Update.

How do you incorporate hills into your training?

Any hill workout recommendations? Indoor or outdoor.

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