SeaWheeze Half Marathon Race Recap-Part 1

October 3, 2013


I LOVE to travel, so when I was finalizing my race schedule I knew I wanted to add a destination race, the question where to? This past August, I ran the second lululemon SeaWheeze Half Marathon in Vancouver, B.C.  It was a (long) weekend filled with sightseeing, yoga, friends, food, and running of course!  It also helped that lulu was the title sponsor ( swag anyone?)

My friend and I signed up in early February and the race of 10,000 sold out by the end of the month.  As part of the registration fees and in lieu of the technical tee, lululemon mailed each runner a pair of shorts before the race (May/June timeframe).  Based on last year’s feedback (apparently the shorts were a bit boottayy), they offered two length options to female runners.


Fun plaid shorts in a cute pouch!

Fast forward to August. I arrived in Vancouver the Tuesday before the half.  Because of my travel schedule at the time + some major procrastination, it ended up being more economical to fly to Seattle and take the train, Amtrak Cascades, to visit our neighbors up north.

Beautiful King Street Station in Seattle, Washington

If you ever take the train from Seattle to Vancouver, make sure to ask the conductor to seat you on the west side of train (water facing).  You will get some gorgeous views.

What was suppose to be a 4 hour journey ended up taking 8 hours (rail misalignment and a bomb scare at the Pacific Central Station) I finally made it to beautiful Vancouver!

My next post will cover sightseeing and the expo!

Note: This post was originally written in September 2013, but I just got this tumblr upon and running 🙂

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