Running Goals in Review through Q2

June 3, 2014

June 3, 2014

Six months into the new year – I thought this would be a good time to review my 2014 Running Goals through Q2 (my nutrition and fitness goals in review can be found here and here).


Track Weekly Mileage – ONGOING

I’ve been tracking my weekly mileage/workouts each Monday since March.  Thanks to all those who commented and gave advice – it has definitely been a great accountability tool.

Follow a Training Plan – ONGOING

I would say this has been more of a quasi effort.  I am happy that I trained through the winter, increasing my endurance base.  I will officially begin marathon training in 3ish weeks – I look forward to following a plan and sharing my experience with everyone.

Capture/Record Splits – ONGOING

Rockstar status – I’ve been pretty consistent capturing my race splits.  It has been a great way to see how I’ve improved over the year and where I need to improve (ex. race strategy for shorter distances or the last 3 miles of a half).

Create A, B, C Race Goals – ONGOING

Check, check and check! This one was low hanging fruit! While I do not always meet my goals, they definitely keep me motivated.  I have certainly surprised myself through the year.

#14in2014 – ONGOING

I’ve completed 10/14 races (feel free to read my recaps here). The tally so far: 2 x 5Ks, 1 x 8K, 1 x 14K, 2 x 10M, and 4 x 13.1M.  I am signed up for 6 more races this year.

Time Goals

  • Sub 2:30 in the half marathon – ONGOING – currently 2:33:32
  • Sub 2:00 in the ten miler – COMPLETED – 1:51:46
  • Sub 1:10 in the 10K – NOT STARTED
  • Sub 0:30 in the 5K -ONGOING – currently 31:28 

Finish the NYC Marathon – NOT STARTED

152 days to go until marathon #2! 

How are your 2014 running goals?

Did you make any adjustments/changes since January?

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