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October 21, 2014

October 21, 2014

A little over two months until 2015 – woah! Thanks to everyone who suggested Maryland, DC, and Virginia races – your comments were very useful!  Naturally I am planning my race schedule for next year (you can preview a little bit of it here, but I will have a writeup in December once I finalize it a bit).

This is a potpourri post – a blend of news and questions.

1. Nike Half Marathon Headed to NYC?

A few months ago (or maybe last month) Nike announced they would be moving the Nike Women Half Marathon from DC to an undisclosed city.  Following their SF Half, Nike made this announcement yesterday:


Image: Nike Women Instagram

What do you think? Surprised? Anticipated? I was secretly hoping for Chicago, since I haven’t been.  I am curious when they will host it since there are so many hallmark NYC races in the Spring. I entered the NYC Half lottery, so not sure if this would be on the top of my list.

2. Triathlon Recommendations

You may have noticed the emPHAsis (View from the Top reference anyone?) on race vs. running.  I participated in the now defunct DC Triathlon in 2011, and would love to swim/bike/run my way through one again in 2015.  Taking suggestions for sprint/olympic/70.3 distances.

3. Trail Race Recommendations

Although a bit scared (afraid of tripping), I would like to try at least one trail race.  Are there any 10Ks or less in the area? Preferably good for a first timer.

Thanks for your help!!

Have you ever participated in a triathlon or trail race?

Nike NYC – do you think you will enter the lottery once more info comes out?

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