Running and Racing Potpourri III

February 12, 2015

It’s Thursday (my Friday for the week yay).  This work week has been busier than expected (coming home exhausted) – looking forward to my weekend in Austin, seeing my friends, and catching up on some comments/posts 🙂 

Trip to Austin? Is Jennifer running this weekend? How was this missed? It happens to be Austin Marathon/Half Marathon weekend, while I considered running it, there will be no racing involved 🙂 Four of my friends and I are meeting in the Lone Star State for a girl’s weekend. 

Okay…onto some Running and Racing Potpourri III:

1. =PR= Trail Series

After reading Kim’s Run Your Heart Out 5K Race Recap, I went on to Potomac River Running’s Race Calendar to check out which races I will use my race pack on.  I came across the =PR= Trail Series, which are four FREE trail races this spring.  As some of you know, one of my goals is to try a trail race this year, so I was happy to find this.

Image: Potomac River Running

2. Shamrock Weekend + Bart Yasso

I am looking forward to the Shamrock Dolphin Challenge! I learned this week that Bart Yasso will have two speaking sessions (one on Friday and one on Saturday) at the Shamrock Expo.  The title of his chat, “The Joy of Running; Lessons, Wisdom and Insights from Running Over 1,200 Races World Wide.” Here is the Speaker Schedule for Shamrock. 

Image: Shamrock Marathon 

3. Half Marathons = Medals?

There was an interesting article this week in the Wall Street Journal titled, “Want a Medal or Something? Many Do.” This article followed NYRR Fred Lebow Manhattan Half Marathon weekend when some participants expressed disappointment that NYRR did not give medals following this race.  After participating in NYRR’s Brooklyn Half Marathon and NYC Marathon, I’ve become familiar with their race calendar – they are pretty explicit when there are medals/no medals at a race.  What are your thoughts?

Running and Racing Potpourri I

Running and Racing Potpourri II

What do you think about the WSJ article about medals? 

Have you met Bart Yasso at a race? Listened to any interesting speakers at an expo?

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