Running and Racing Potpourri II

January 14, 2015

January 15, 2015

In October I wrote a Running and Racing Potpourri post.  As the name suggests, it was a hodge podge of running news and questions.  I thought it was fun to share some new articles/posts I’ve read the past couple of weeks:

1. The Mile High Run Club…..the Treadmill Class

In November, the Huffington Post wrote an article, “6 Fitness Trends for 2015 that Have Experts Buzzing.”  In it they referenced The Mile High Club – which is a new-ish studio for running with dedicated treadmill classes.  


Image: Mile High Run Club

The New York Times even deemed it as a possible Soulcycle successor.  What are your thoughts?

2. Nike Half Marathon – Where in the World?

A couple of months ago I had written there was speculation that the Nike Women’s Half Marathon was moving from DC to NY (the signature SF race would remain) when they posted “From the Golden Gate to the Empire State. SFO ->JFK” under one of their Instagram photos.  

A few days ago I read a great post by Phu at See Phu_____. who did some research on the Nike Half series – looks like Nike is trying to move into multiple cities/markets….seems so late into the year without any confirmation.

3. Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Fitness Trends

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was held last week in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Runner’s World wrote up an article “3 Cool Fitness Trends at CES 2015” which included wearable tech, big data, and faster recovery.  The items that peaked my interest were the “smart socks” that use sensors to gather data/information about form and/or stress.


Image: Sensoria

Treadmill classes – have you tried one before? Interested?

Any new tech trends/gadgets you are excited about? Heard about?

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