NYC Marathon Training 7/7-7/13 – Week 4

July 14, 2014

July 14, 2014

And just like that, Week 4 is done! 

Monday 7/7 – Rest day 

Tuesday 7/8 – 1/2 mile elliptical + 60 minutes personal training

Wednesday 7/9 – Rest day

Thursday 7/10 2 miles running on the track 

Friday 7/11 – 1/2 mile jog + 60 minutes personal training

Saturday 7/12 – Rest day + Bridal shower hosting 

Sunday 7/13 – 1 mile walking + 5 miles running 

Total: 9 miles 

Running-wise it was a low mileage week.  The training plan called this a recovery week, but I missed a day of running (I wanted to get at least 6 more miles in). This past Thursday I was hoping to join my training group for the weekly track workout, but by the time I got home and changed it would have been too late + it looked like it was about to storm.  Instead I headed to the local high school track for the planned track workout. 


On Sunday I slept past my alarm and missed my training group run.  By the time I woke up it was too hot to run.  I struggled to get myself out of the apartment for an early evening run.  While it was not the best, I am glad I got my mileage in and enjoyed the DC monuments by night. 


On the non-running front, Friday night was really nice and relaxing – it was spent watching the Lego movie (really funny btw).  On Saturday I hosted a bridal shower for my friend Patty.  Here are some pics, the theme was Spain. 


I made the chalkboards – a DIY post coming this week.  


Tapas and cupcakes – delicious! 


Me and the bride to be. 


How was your weekend? 

Have you hosted a bridal or baby shower before? 

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