NYC Marathon Training 7/14-7/20 – Week 5

July 21, 2014

Hello from Turkey! I am finally on vacation after a tough week. 

Monday 7/14 – Rest day 

Tuesday 7/15 – 1 mile run/jog + 60 minutes personal training

Wednesday 7/16 – Rest day

Thursday 7/17 – 1 mile walk 

Friday 7/18 – 1 mile run/jog + 60 minutes personal training

Saturday 7/19 – 5 miles + walking along the High Line 

Sunday 7/20 – 3 hours + walking

Total: 8 miles and a lot of change 

It was one of those weeks where all my evenings were booked, leaving little room for running.  Each day I would set my alarm for a morning run, but my snooze button would win the battle (I was hoping to get my 10 mile long run in one of those mornings).  I was a ball of stress during my Friday night training session with Nicole (sorry) – worried about hitting my mileage.  8 miles is less than I had planned, missed a 10 mile long run, but luckily it was our first build of the training program. 

Thursday I had dinner at Mcafe Bar (forgot the food pics). Great company and yummy food.  Friday was spent running around and packing for my Saturday morning flight to New York en route to Istanbul.  During my layover I met my friend Laurel for brunch at Tipsy Parson in Chelsea.  The Chedder Cornbread with Hot Pepper Jelly‚Ķ.delish! I so want to make cornbread when I get back. 


We walked over to the High Line, which is a public park built on a historic freight rail line. It is all above street level! How cool is this? image

Flowers and people watching! The juxtaposition between the old and modern buildings is fantastic. 


Pretty purple things. 


Day 1 in Istanbul, a sneak peak: 


Have you been to the High Line or have a favorite park? 

Do you have an cornbread recipes to share? 

Morning runner? How do you do it? 

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