NYC Marathon Training 10/27-11/2 – Week 20

November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014


Image: TSC NYC Marathon

I think everyone knows what the highlight of my week was 🙂

Monday 10/27 – Rest day + stretching

Tuesday 10/28 – Rest day

Wednesday 10/29 3 miles

Thursday 10/30 – Rest day

Friday 10/31 – 2 miles

Saturday 11/1 Rest day + stretching

Sunday 11/2 – 26.2 miles

Total: 31.2 miles

Thank you for all your support and kind messages – it was so touching to finish the race and read them all (I had to turn off my data during the race). 


Congrats to everyone who ran this weekend (New York or not) and for those who volunteered and cheered on the runners (L&C)!


I had a lot of time to think today – I can’t wait to share my thoughts and experience with everyone.

Thanks again!!

How was your weekend?

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