NYC Marathon-Numbers and Lessons Learned

November 12, 2014

I can’t believe that the New York City Marathon (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) was only 10 days ago; it already feels much longer than that.  For the month leading up to the marathon I dedicated each Wednesday to race related topics (Motivation, Logistics, Packing, Fueling, Outfits).  I thought it would be appropriate to wrap up Marathon Wednesdays with a post marathon look at the numbers, lessons learned, and what is next for me.


By the Numbers

  • Number of finishers: 50,564
  • Average finish time: 4:34:45
  • Number of volunteer: 10,000+ thank you!
  • Number of calories consumed:
    • Pre-race: 608
    • Race: 760
  • Amount of water consumed: ~208 oz
  • Marathon finish time: 6:01 or 13:47 min/mile
  • Half marathon splits:
    • First half: 2:52 or 13:07 min/mile
    • Second half: 3:09 or 14:25 min/mile
  • Number of hours of sleep: 8-9
  • Weight loss/gained: +2-5 lbs 
  • Marathon training:
    • Peak mileage week: 30.2 miles
    • Peak mileage month: 82 miles
    • Lowest mileage week: 0 miles (vacation)
    • Lowest mileage month: 24.4 miles (vacation)

Lessons Learned

  • I missed a few long runs (first build) while I was on vacation this past summer.  I was a bit of a stress ball … hindsight…. totally unnecessary. 
  • Should have used one of my long run days to mirror the late start (10:55AM).  Likely to have occurred during the fall vs. summer months (heat).
  • Motivation will be up and down throughout the training cycle, remember why I am running in the first place.
  • Continue cross training when marathon training.
  • I liked using races as training runs (especially during those 18 mile weekends).
  • My abs were sore during the marathon – need to work on my core strength (on Monday I went to a Functional Movement Screening with my friend Emily and that was one of my weak areas).  I see more TRX, yoga and barre in my future! 
  • I can run in 20-30 MPH in 30-40 degree weather and I know how to dress for it.
  • What helped mentally during the marathon: having friends out on the course, breaking the run up into segments, thinking positively (MCM not so much)!
  • MCM I ran as part of a training group, NYC I ran “by myself”… I liked both.  
  • Bringing a roll of toilet paper to the starters village? Not needed.. there was plenty haha.  Maybe half a roll or kleenex if it is a smaller race.. haha.
  • Next time (teaser teaser) – would love to make speed/track workouts a more consistent part of my plan. I would also like to be more strategic with my nutrition.

Looking Ahead

Based on my race recap and lessons learned, you may have guessed I  plan on running another marathon next year.  This past week I looked at the pros and cons of running a spring and/or fall marathon and decided I will run my third marathon next fall.  This winter/spring I want to have weekends in which I do nothing, spend time with friends/family, try other fitness activities, and run for fun.  Plus training for halves take up less time on the weekends 🙂

Thanks again for all your support the past 5-6 months.  I am glad I have this blog to capture my training and marathon journey from beginning to end (I have vague memories from MCM).  And this wraps up NYC 2014!

What are your lessons learned from this year?

Fall marathon recommendations – go!

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