NYC Marathon Countdown – Race Day Outfit

October 29, 2014

October 29, 2014

When I first introduced my NYC Marathon Countdown series it was a little under 5 weeks until race weekend.  Now the countdown is under 5 days!  We talked motivation, logistics, packing, and fueling.  Now onto the important stuff…what should I wear?     


The Sunday forecast has been hovering in the 48-50°F range with a slight chance of precipitation; ideal temperatures for me (minus the rain).  These are the race outfits I am considering – which option(s) do you like best?  

Option 1 – Oiselle Singlet | Black Capris | Brooks Adrenalines GTS


Option 2 – Oiselle Birds of a Feather Tank | Black Capris | Brooks Adrenalines GTS


Option 3 – Oiselle Gwen Tank | Black Capris | Brooks Adrenalines GTS


Option 4 – Oiselle Flyte Tank | Black Capris | Brooks Adrenalines GTS


Fun Fact: Did you know “GTS” stood for “Go to Shoe”? Cool right?

You can probably guess I prefer cooler colors.  Don’t worry I did not forget my throwaway clothes (I got sweats from Wal-Mart for $10).  I also purchased a two pack of throwaway gloves for $1.50, which equates to $0.75/pair.  The burlapy throwaway gloves at the expo are usually $2.00/pair+ and these are much comfier – plus they match my clothes 😛

I’ll post a pic of Flat Jennifer on Twitter and Instagram this Saturday (including my gear and socks).  

Here are my previous NYC Marathon Countdown posts:

What is your vote?

Do you usually pick your workout/running outfit the night before? Or the morning of? 

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