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October 1, 2014

With a little month to go I thought it would be fun to dedicate the next few Wednesdays to NYC related topics (logistics, lists, clothing etc). As I alluded to in my post yesterday and the day before, my motivational level has certainly decreased from Week 1 to Week 15.


Image: TSC New York City Marathon

I knew marathon training would be a huge time commitment , but things/life have changed in the 7 years between marathons and I forgot realistically how much dedication is required for training. I look forward to having weekends back to do nothing (or running the mileage of my choice).  After reading a post from Run to the Finish Amanda mentioned that it is perfectly normal to feel this way during this point in training. 

I thought I would share five ways that are helping me stay motivated – these may be useful if you are training for any distance and find yourself feeling the same way.

1. Remind Yourself Why

I signed up (voluntarily) for this marathon for the challenge, to explore the streets of New York and for the overall experience.  I also recall how I felt after completing the Marine Corp Marathon in 2007.

2. Official Race Social Media

I subscribed to the New York Marathon’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. They are pretty engaging and active. On a related note (if you love pictures), search for hashtags from last year’s race.

Example: #nycmarathon2013


3. Read Race Recaps/Websites

If you have been following me for awhile, you know I love race recaps. They are really inspiring – everyone has a different story to tell.   I’ve been reading recaps from last year and this website by Runar Gundersen, he has run the NYCM 35 times! I highly recommend looking at his site.

4. Read/Follow Others who are Training

Lauren at Run Salt Run created a blogger directory of those training for a fall race. It is nice to follow others training because you/they can empathize with the training process.  You can also get great tips and suggestions along the way.  I started reading A Race Like No Other after reading about it in Marathons & Macarons.

5. Watch Videos/Movies  

Spirit of the Marathon I and II (I still haven’t seen the second movie) or Hood to Coast if you are running a relay.  If you like British comedies, Run, Fatboy, Run is pretty entertaining. I am sure there are plenty other documentaries on Netflix or Youtube that are out there. One of my favorite videos is Road to the Finish (on Vimeo).

How do you stay motivated? 

Do you use similar techniques?

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