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October 22, 2014

October 22, 2014

Hello Wednesday! We are under the 2 week mark – eeks! Yesterday Tata released the 2014 TSC New York City Marathon Mobile App – so exciting. 

On Monday, you may have seen my corral/wave information. 


Yes, a 10:55AM start – that is about 3 hours later than a “typical” start time.  Nice that I can sleep in (sort of haha), but what to do about eating? (Courtney noticed this).  So I thought this would be a good time to share my tentative fueling plan and get your input.



  • Currently drinking loads of water everyday.
  • Upping my carbohydrate intake (but not crazily out of norm).
  • Will have a yummy pasta dinner the night before the race.

Runners Village

  • I have to get to my ferry by 7:30AM, so I’ll probably get up around 6:00AM.
  • Drink some water and eat a Luna or Picky Bar before heading out.
  • Arrive at the start around 8:00-8:30AM.
  • Will eat my banana, almond butter and bread around 9:30AM.
  • Drink at least a bottle of water.


  • Bringing my handheld – making sure I drink my water/Nuun at each water stop/when needed.
  • Eat 3 shot bloks every hour.


  • I know after my first marathon I was not that hungry, but will make sure I will consume whatever bar or bagel they pass out.
  • Re-hydrate.
  • Post race dinner – any NYC suggestions? Ramen is one of my initial ideas. 

In hindsight, I should have practiced this during one of my long runs, but DC summers make it difficult to start at 10:55AM.  Maybe I’ll try it with my 6-8 miler this weekend.

Also, thank you to everyone who gave their suggestions in my packing post last week – I completely forgot about headphones, body glide, band-aids, medical cards, and a poncho.  I’ll be updating the packing list with those items this week. 

Here are my previous NYC Marathon Countdown posts:


Do you have any suggestions/changes/recommendations to the plan? I am no expert so definitely open to your feedback

What was the latest start time you’ve had?

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