NYC Marathon Countdown – Logistics

October 8, 2014

Under a month to go! Last week I shared five ways I keep motivated during my training cycle.  Thank you for all your comments and tips! This week I am writing about some logistics I’ve finalized ahead of marathon weekend.


Image: TSC New York City Marathon

The Hotel

Because I deferred my 2013 entry to 2014, I had an early start in terms of hotel scouting (the lottery was held in Spring 2014).  I made my reservations in December 2013 (with an option to cancel the week of the race) and I am happy I did because my rate is significantly less than what is quoted now.

The Baggage

Introduced in 2012 to alleviate long walks and lines following the marathon, New York Road Runners introduced two baggage options for runners:

  1. Forgo baggage check and receive a Marathon Finish Poncho upon exiting Central Park OR
  2. Check a bag on race day that is transported to the finish area

I chose Option #1 – no baggage.  I plan on bringing throwaway clothes to the start and would prefer a shorter exit/walk to meet my friends at the end of the race.  I had to make my decisions online by July 31st (no changes).  I mean…. who doesn’t want to sport this?

The Transportation

Race weekend I will be taking the bus to/from New York/DC (will be less than $30 RT).  I also have a couple (long story) New York Metro Cards to use while I am in town.  As for race day, I had to make a selection on how I would get to the start (Staten Island) using one of the three Official TSC New York Marathon transportation options:

  1. Staten Island Ferry
  2. Midtown Manhattan Bus
  3. New Jersey Bus

I am staying in New York so #3 was out.  After reading some race reviews I chose Option #1 – Staten Island Ferry, primarily for the scenic views (hi Lady Liberty).  I had to make that selection by July 31st as well. 

The Food

If you have been following this blog for awhile (or even for a new reader – welcome) you probably guessed I already made my pre-race dinner reservations.  One of my b-school friends (NY resident and Italian food subject matter expert) gave a few recommendations and I made reservations on Open Table.  The restaurant I chose would not allow me make reservations in advance of 30 days, so I set a reminder to do so this week.

Next time: Packing Checklist

Do you like to use baggage check?

Do you typically make pre-race dinner reservations in advance? Or go where the wind blows?

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