Montréal/Québec City Vacation Part 1

September 24, 2014

Bonjour… this time from Canada! I just wrapped up my Turkish/Georgian vacation, and now on to my Canadian adventures from last month.


Image: Wikipedia

You may recall March and May were very hectic for me due to work/project commitments.  Unfortunately I had to miss a family vacation to France.  Because my mom is pretty awesome, she booked a vacation for us to go to Montréal and Québec City (remember my food recap here?)  Because of their French history my mom thought it would be a nice alternative (plus I got to practice my high school french – oh la la).

First up, Montréal!  This city is in the Canadian province of Québec and is the second largest city in Canada (Toronto is #1). The flight from DC to Montréal took maybe 1.5 hours.


Image: Google Maps

Here are some of my favorite signs from around town.  We stayed at the Auberge du Vieux-Port, which was right along the waterfront (and the many many ice cream shops).


We toured the city all by foot or used their metro system.  Below is a collage of Old Montreal (old city area) and you can see the beautiful Marche Bonsecours – the old public market.


One of my favorite pictures alongside the port area.


Another favorite picture of the Notre-Dame Basilica.  Can you guess which famous singer got married here? HINT: Her “heart will go on”


Next time: My favorite parts of Montreal – the market and botanical gardens

Have you been to Canada?

Did you take Spanish, French or other in school?

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