Monthly Goals – January 2015

January 1, 2015

Happy Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had good time ushering in 2015 – whether it be with family, friends, at home, or out and about. This morning I will be running DC Road Runner’s Predictions & Resolutions 5K in Arlington, Virginia.  I look forward to seeing Courtney and Mar out on the course!

Yesterday I shared my 2015 Goals and because it is the first day of the new year I am going to recap my December goals and share my January goals.


1. Run/Walk/Elliptical 80 miles

I ran/walked/used the elliptical for 58.6 miles, well below my 80 mile goal (I was averaging 78 miles/month Sept-Nov).  I took time off to rest my foot, so I am fine with that variance. 

2. Strength Train 2x/week

Scheduling session definitely helped me accomplish these goals.

3. Yoga/Barre 2x/week

Check and check! Barre classes are getting easier – in the sense that I understand the movements and positions; they are still tough workouts!

4. Plank 2x/day

I was better about planking in the morning/night for the first half of the month. I was able to plank for 1:30 twice this month.

5. Complete Julie’s Holiday Fitness Challenge #Turkey2Bubbly

I enjoyed participating in this challenge and its been fun to look at the pictures tagged with #Turkey2Bubbly.  I ended up working out for at least 30 minutes a day for 30/35 days of the challenge. 

Based on how I did in December, I updated my January goals accordingly:


1. Run/Walk/Elliptical 75 miles

Decreased my monthly goal by 5 miles as I slowly increase my mileage again.

2. Strength Train 2x/week

Worked in December and will stay the same in September. 

3. Yoga/Barre 3x/week

In November/December I found myself attending yoga or barre classes sometimes 3x a week.  I think this increase will be reasonable. 

4. Plank 2x/day

Same as last month – I hope to be more consistent for the entire month.

5. Swim 1x/week

Because one of my goals this year is to complete sprint triathlon #3, I will need to go back into the pool.  It will be a good way to cross train and its nice DC public pools offer free access to DC residents.

What are your favorite cross training exercises?

Are you a swimmer?

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