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March 22, 2015

Image: Lindi Skin

A few weeks ago I was contacted about an opportunity to review a few products from a skin care line.  What good timing as (1) My skin was feeling the effects of winter (dry dry dry), (2) My current skin care products were running low, and (3) I wanted to explore other brands at different price points (and potentially save money); enter Lindi Skin, “Skincare on a Mission”. 

CEO Lindy Synder founded the company when she noticed friends who were going through cancer treatments were not aware of the impact these therapies had on their skin.  At that time there were no skin care products specifically developed for cancer patients.  In formulating the Lindi Skin products,  the company worked with dermatologists, oncologists, nurses, patients, and skincare formulators to create products that were designed to treat sensitive skin.  Lindi soon discovered that patients continued to use Lindi Skin following their recovery.

Image: Lindi Skin

Currently there are twelve items in the Lindi Skin line.  I had the opportunity to review four of their products: Lindi Face Wash, Lindi Lavender Face Serum, Lindi Lip Balm, and Lindi Eye Hydrator

Lindi Face Wash ($22)

The first product I tried was the Lindi Face Wash.  It came packaged in a 4 fl oz bottle with a pump dispenser.  The face wash was very gentle – it did not leave my skin feeling stripped or tingly. 

Lindi Lavender Face Serum ($40)

Next, I applied the Lindi Lavender Face Serum.  The serum is formulated with the highest concentration of Lindi Skin’s proprietary LSA Complex ®.  I loved the soothing lavender smell and my skin felt moisturized/replenished.  Eventually I would like to try the Lindi Citrus Face Serum

Lindi Eye Hydrator ($30)

Following the serum application, I dabbed the Lindi Eye Hydrator around my eyes.  This product is designed to soothe dryness around the eyes.  It also helps reduce the appearance of puffiness and improve the skin tone.  Luckily I do not experience much dryness around my eyes, but puffiness reliever? Sure!

Lindi Lip Balm ($10)

The Lindi Lip Balm was packaged in a small, compact case that could fit in a purse or pocket.  Winter weather + running outside left my lips very dry the past couple of months.  My lips appreciated this balm very much.

If you would like to learn more about Lindi Skin feel free to check out their Website, Facebook, Twitter, and/or Blog

Lindi Skin products can be purchased on their website (special offers here) or in select drug/cosmetic stores and medical centers (retail locator here).  For my readers, the company is offering free shipping and 25% off all products with the code BLOG25 (for use at through May 31, 2015.  In addition, Lindi Skin will also make a donation to the American Cancer Society’s “Look Good, Feel Better” program for every purchase through this date.

Note: I received the Lindi Skin products in exchange for sharing my review. All thoughts and opinions on the blog are my own.

Have you tried Lindi Skin products before?

What is your typical skin care routine?

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