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January 5, 2015

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Lipton Publicity if I was interested in reviewing a few products from Kushyfoot’s Fall Winter 2014-2015 line. According to their website, Kushyfoot “is the first brand in women’s legwear to incorporate the ancient healing art of Reflexology….By creating socks, hose and sandals that integrate a massaging cushion designed by Reflexology experts, Kushyfoot helps relieve tension and discomfort in achy feet—and stress and fatigue throughout the entire body.”


Image: Kushyfoot

I practically live in compression/athletic socks and/or tights (work), so this opportunity peaked my interest.  A week later I received a nice package in the mail with three of their items:

  • Ribbed Fashion Tights
  • Fleecy Leopard Flats to Go®
  • Fleece Lined Trouser Socks


Ribbed Fashion Tights

The Ribbed Fashion Tights features:

  • a built-in control top (my tummy feels is in place…not like Spanx…but held in),
  • reinforced toe for added durability (I believe this is the stitching on top); and
  • a massaging sole for extra comfort (the sole is thicker with a zig zag pattern) 

Overall these tights are sturdy (did not feel like it was going to tear or run), comfortable, and the size fit me well (I am 5’3” and received a medium).  I tend to be brand agnostic when it comes to tights purchases (but what is on sale), but if I come across Kushyfoot tights at my local retailer I would purchase them in the future. 

Fleecy Leopard Flats to Go®

The Fleecy Leopard Flats to Go® features:

  • a lightweight and ultra portable flats (very lightweight),
  • a soft sole which allows them to be rolled up or folded (these can fit in a coat pocket or purse); and
  • designed for indoor use and occasionally on smooth outdoor surfaces (I would wear this inside and maybe outside to pickup the newspaper; I wouldn’t wear them outdoors if it was wet outside). 

These would be great to wear on an airplane or homes with a “no shoes inside” preference.  Because these flats are portable and lightweight there is no much cushioning as a slipper or moccasin, but I think it serves its purpose well.

Fleece Lined Trouser Socks

The Fleece Lined Trouser Socks features:

  • light graduated compression (perfect amount of compression to wear to work, not as much pressure as the athletic compression socks),
  • zig zag sole (like the tights, extra padding on the sole; and
  • reinforced toe for added durability (I believe this is the stitching on top);

These were my favorite of the three! The fleece lined socks were so soft, kept me warm, and I was comfortable wearing them all day long.  They also sell fleece lined tights on their website.  I would definitely purchase more of these socks.  Unfortunately I do not see them listed on their website, I will have to check out my local Rite Aid or Nordstrom Rack.

Kushyfoot also has a product line of athletic, casual and yoga socks on their website. Lipton Publicity thank you for the opportunity to review these.

Note: I received the Kushyfoot products in exchange for sharing my review. All thoughts and opinions on the blog are my own.

Have you worn Kushyfoot products before?

Do you own any fleece lined socks or tights?

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