Hot Yoga for Beginners – Tips and Lessons

December 16, 2014

The past couple of weekends I visited Core Power Yoga for their CorePower Yoga 1 – Beginning Power Yoga and CorePower Yoga Sculpt – Heated Power Yoga with Weights classes.  They were both good workouts and the CorePower Yoga Sculpt class was my first hot yoga class (versus yoga in a warm/heated studio).  I thought I would share some tips and lessons that I learned this past weekend.

1. Read the Class Description/Instructions Beforehand

I forgot to do this and I would have been reminded to bring a couple of items with me to class….see #2.

2. Bring or Rent a Towel

I forgot to bring a towel with me and did not rent one before class (some studios will provide them for free).  I underestimated how much sweating would occur during the 60 minute class -ALOT! I was sweating so much it made it difficult to stay up in certain positions; there were a couple of times I slipped and knew that was not very safe.  I left class for a couple of minutes to grab some towels.

3. Hydrate Before / Bring Water

Make sure to hydrate before and avoid a heavy heavy meal. I had yogurt an hour before and I was fine.  I brought water and refilled it 2x during the class.  I wish I had frozen my water half way – that would have been refreshing!  Next time I may bring a larger water bottle.

4. Dress in Fitted/Breathable Clothing

Avoid baggy – it will become uncomfortable.  Some girls opted for bra tops and some guys were shirtless.  I wore a tank top that was breathable (wicking fabric) and capris.   I would avoid thicker tights as even my legs were sweating!

5. Take Breaks

It will be uncomfortable at first – it took me awhile to get use to the temperature.  Take breaks if you need to – whether it is a pause, drinking your water, or stepping outside for some air.  I like to avoid passing out 🙂

Hope these tips help you out! 

Do you have any tips for hot yoga?

What are you favorite types of yoga?

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