Gate River Run 15K Training Week 7 – 2/8-2/14

February 15, 2016

While I was on my little hiatus, I kept drafts of my training recaps, but never hit publish since they were unfinished (note form, not all pics uploaded).  Making my Gate River Run 15K Training Week 3-9 posts live (separate).

Image: Gate River Run 15K

Monday 2/8 -Rest Day

I shifted my run to Tuesday because I had dinner plans with my friends Ali and Patty (you probably remember them from this post).  Ali and I have been wanting to try Bad Saint, a new(ish) Filipino restaurant in the Columbia Heights neighborhood.  This was actually our third attempt to eat there (first attempt – they are closed on Tuesdays and the second attempt – the next available seating was at 8:30PM).  I thought I was “early” when I got in line at 5:30PM EST.  You all know the formula right? Positive reviews + no reservations + small space (29 seats) = queuing. 

We ended up getting seated at 7:30PM – do not worry, Ali, Patty and I waited at a bar/restaurant next door until we were notified our table was ready. 

The ambiance was great and the food was delicious!! Note – my clothes smelled like the restaurant when I returned home because the kitchen was in the the same vicinity. 

Tuesday 2/9 – 5 miles | 11:42 min/mile

Used the same downtown route as last week for my 5 miles + 10 x 100 meter strides.  Average 11:42 min/mile (11:15, 11:43, 11:38, 12:09).  So nice to see an average back in the 11s…baby steps…I’m getting there. 

Wednesday 2/10 – 4 miles | 12:24 min/mile

I love recovery runs.  I went on an easy out and back towards Dupont Circle and my legs were still heavy from Tuesday’s run.  Average 12:24 min/mile (12:23, 12:19, 12:33, 12:24). 

Thursday 2/11 -5 miles | 12:25 min/mile

Used the same route as 2/1 for 5 miles with 6 pickups of 2 minutes each.  Quads were not having it (need to spend more time there + trigger ball).  On average I was only 5 seconds slower per mile than last week, but it felt worse.  Average 12:25 min/mile (12:45, 12:18, 12:23, 12:14, 12:27). 

Friday 2/12 – Rest Day

Cliff and I drove down to Jacksonville, Florida to attend the wedding of one of Cliff’s high school classmates.  Yes, we drove there.  Honestly it was not that bad – Google estimated it would take us 10 hours to get there and it took us 11 hours (which included five separate food/rest/gas stops).  We left DC around 3:00AM and missed all the I-95S traffic near Quantico/Stafford/Richmond.

That evening we attended the rehearsal dinner at Aardwolf Tap Room. It was a fun venue and the bride/groom also rented a food truck for their guests.  Cliff picking out which beers to try for our sampler. 

Pretty neat, huh? 

Saturday 2/13 – Rest Day

I was hoping to get my long run in, but it did not happen.  Driving took a toll and I slept in.  Later that morning we checked out Jacksonville Beach (view from the Pier) and met one of Cliff’s friend from high school. 

We got back to the hotel so I could watch the Olympic Marathon Trials… I mean so we could get ready 🙂

The wedding/ceremony was held in Hilliard which is about a 20-30 minute drive from the Jacksonville Airport. 

The location was beautiful and the weather was fantastic.  I had no idea it got “chilly” in Florida. 

Sunday 2/14 – Rest Day

The next day was pretty packed.  We met my friends Sean, Brittany and their baby for brunch at Tapa That.  Remember the time I traveled to Sonoma and Napa? It was for their wedding.  It was fun catching up and I look forward to visiting them in March for the Gate River Run 15K.

Afterwards Cliff and I headed to Amelia Island for the night- such a cute town!  Does the name sound familiar? The island is home to ZOOMA Florida. 

We celebrate Valentines Day with dinner at Le Clos, a French restaurant.  It was GOOD.

Weekly Total: 14 miles | 3 Runs

Year to Date: 109.66 miles | 22 Runs

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