Gate River Run 15K Training Week 6 – 2/1-2/7

February 7, 2016

While I was on my little hiatus, I kept drafts of my training recaps, but never hit publish since they were unfinished (note form, not all pics uploaded).  Making my Gate River Run 15K Training Week 3-9 posts live (separate).

Image: Gate River Run 15K

Monday 2/1 – 5 miles | 12:20 min/mile

Post work run of 5 miles with 6 pickups of 2 minutes each at 10K effort…..omg challenging! Averaged 12:20 min/mile (12:45, 12:20, 12:15, 12:10, 12:12). Per usual my legs were tight the first half of the run.  Who is ready for more sunlight?

Tuesday 2/2- Rest Day

Rested the legs.

Wednesday 2/3 – Rest Day

Work work so moved my run to Thursday (crossing my fingers it would not happen again). 

Thursday 2/4 – 5 miles | 11:51 min/mile 

Another 5 miles + 10 x 100 meter strides.  Ran my downtown route towards the Lincoln, which always includes a nice nice downhill for the first mile 🙂 Average 11:51 min/mile (11:30, 11:50, 11:45, 12:00, 12:12).  There was some positive split action and my legs were super tight.  Need to spend some QT with the foam roller.  The 10 x 100 meter strides were tough.  PS – 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is a great spot for these strides!

Friday 2/5 – 3 miles | 12:27 min/mile

Was given a choice of 3 or 4 recovery miles, chose the latter.  Felt great to run around the neighborhood – average 12:27 min mile (12:20, 12:35, 12:28). 

Saturday 2/6 – 8 miles | 12:09 min/mile

Want to hear a funny story? I signed up to run the DCRR Langley 8K – I ran it last year with my friend Rachel.  I had an 8 mile long run scheduled for that day, so the plan was to run 2 miles as a warm up, run the 8K, and cool down for 1 mile.  I got to the race site at 7:30AM and thought it was odd there were not many cars around.  I checked online and it started at 10:00AM.  Major oops!! I did not want to wait in my car so I decided to start my run and skip the race.  Finished with an average of 12:09 min/mile (12:35, 12:20, 12:23, 12:15, 12:08, 11:57, 11:43, 11:51).  Hilly billy neighborhood. 

After my run I headed to Georgetown for a Barre3 class.  I was incredibly sore the next day. 

Sunday 2/7 – Rest

Ummmm…rest yes!

Weekly Total: 21 miles | 4 Runs

Year to Date: 95.66 miles | 19 Runs

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