Gate River Run 15K Training Week 4 – 1/18-1/24

January 25, 2016

While I was on my little hiatus, I kept drafts of my training recaps, but never hit publish since they were unfinished (note form, not all pics uploaded).  Making my Gate River Run 15K Training Week 3-9 posts live (separate). 

Image: Gate River Run 15K

Monday 1/18 – 7 miles | 12:00 min/mile

Returned from New York (yay for long weekends) and headed to the YMCA. Hopped onto the treadmill and warmed up for the first mile.  I ran the remaining 6 miles at 5.0 or 12:00 min/mile.  

Tuesday 1/19 – Rest Day

Now a rest day vs. 5 miles and 10 x 100 strides (I emailed my coach Mollie on Sunday and she adjusted my schedule). 

Wednesday 1/20 – 5 miles | 11:45 min/mile

Another downtown evening run.  While I prefer running in the cold vs. hot, I look forward to the longer days of summer.  This workout was 5 miles with 8 pickups of 2 minutes each! They are getting longer! I warmed up for the first mile and ran the pickups at 5K effort (ummm sprint with my might).  I started the pickups at mile 2 and like last week ran them at the .25 and .75 mark.  Averaged 11:45 min/mile (12:36, 11:45, 11:35, 11:17, 11:33) and boy the legs were tired. I’ve been neglecting strength- need to get back on it.

Thursday 1/21 – 4 miles | 12:35 min/mile

Chilly 4 mile recovery run – downtown route.  Wanted to get this done before Winter Storm Jonas hit the region.  Averaged 12:35 min/mile (12:40, 12:36, 12:29, 12:25).  The legs were tired so I definitely spent more time foam rolling that evening (which is probably how long I should be rolling…lately they have been superficial rolls…no bueno).  After my run I met my friends Seema, AJ and Sarah for dinner at Momofuku CCDC – I’ve been wanting to go there for awhile.  We had pork belly baos to start…drool!

The Momofuku Ramen for dinner.  It was good, but I think Daikaya is a little better. 

Cereal milk ice cream. Yes you read that correctly it tasted like cereal milk 🙂

Friday 1/22 – Rest Day

The snow was starting to accumulate after work – good thing I left my boots in the office last year 😉 When I got home I did some core work – the entire Dirty Dozen. 

Saturday 1/23 – 5.66 miles

The snow hit DC! Around mid-morning the snow lightened up and I was itching to get out.  The snow was packed, perfect for running! There were loads of people walking outside and taking pictures.  I was surprised there were several cars out on the road (many got stuck). 

Ready to go!

I layered up (wore my Moto Lesley tights, tank and Wazzie Wool Size Zip) and strapped on my Yaktrax.  I also wore a headband over my hat. 

Running towards the Mall.  People were skiing, biking and snowboarding.  How cool!

Hello Obamas!

Constitution Gardens – pretty in the winter and spring.

A different Lincoln Memorial compared to last week.

I like to take pictures as if I am the only person there, but in reality there were tons of people sledding down the Memorial steps and playing in the snow.  I also had a chance to use my GoPro – so much fun! I ran 5.66 miles (with plenty of stops) and then walked a combined 3 miles later in the day (around my neighborhood + going to Cliffs). 

When I got to Cliff the snow was picking up again – blowing sideways too! We stayed in and watched more episodes of The Wire and the Martian. Now I wish I read the book beforehand – it was such a great movie! Kept me engaged the entire time. 

Sunday 1/24 – Cross Training, right? 🙂

I dug out my car.  I didn’t need to go anywhere, but I knew it would be easier to do this before the snow turned into ice.

Weekly Total: 21.66 miles | 4 Runs

Year to Date: 74.66 miles | 15 Runs

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