Gate River Run 15K Training Week 2 – 1/4-1/10

January 11, 2016

Another week down, so glad to be back on a training schedule.  I had a busy week at work and had to shift my runs towards the end of the week, but I got them in!  I’ll post my 2016 goals edition this week – got a little behind. Today I am joining Holly from HoHo Runs and Tricia from MissSippiPiddlin for the Weekly Wrap. 

Image: Gate River Run 15K

Monday 1/4 – Rest Day 

Shifted my workouts to Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  My teammate Laurie and I are working on our core as part of the as part of the Oiselle #Runlovechallenge, specifically the “Dirty Dozen”.  I completed exercises 1-6 of the Dirty Dozen – see video/article here.

Tuesday 1/5 – Rest Day 

Scheduled rest day. 

Wednesday 1/6 – Rest Day 

Completed exercises 7-12 of the Dirty Dozen. 

Thursday 1/7 – 5 miles | 11:56 min/mile + 6 x 100 strides

I ran the same Adams Morgan route from last Wednesday 12/30 and finished with an average of 11:56 min/mile (12:35, 12:10, 12:15, 11:18, 11:25) or on average of 9 seconds faster per mile from last week.  After the five miles I ran 6 x 100 meter strides.  My legs felt better following this workout compared to last week. 

Friday 1/8 – 4 miles | 12:34 min/mile 

Recovery run before meeting my old college roommate for dinner.  I love that the sun is setting later.  Easy downtown run with an average 12:34 min/mile (12:38, 12:34, 12:30, 12:35). Can you spot me in this picture? 

Saturday 1/9 – 5 miles | 11:41 min/mile

Early-ish morning run along Rock Creek towards Georgetown and back.  The path is relatively flat with some baby baby hills – nothing too long or steep.  This was my first time incorporating pickups  into my run, and enjoyed it very much.  I warmed up for the first mile and picked up my pace for 60 seconds for the rest of the run (usually at the .25 and .75 mark).  Finished with an average of 11:41 min/mile (12:26, 11:38, 11:25, 11:28, 11:18).  I enjoyed this workout alot. 

After the run, my mom and I enjoyed high tea at the Willard Hotel (part of her Christmas present).  The tea is held in Peacock Alley – which connects the front and rear entrances of the hotel.  Apparently people use to strut along this corridor (in their fanciest attire), hence the name Peacock Alley.  

I had the Pai Mu Tan & Melon tea which is a white tea that smelled of honeydew.  I enjoyed the sandwiches and pastries of course! Another highlight, the harpist played Adele’s “Hello” – I was way too excited for that. 

Later in the evening, Cliff and I watched the movie Sicario – not bad, I wasn’t too fond of Emily Blunt’s character.  We also watched a few episodes of The Wire Season 3 since I started binge watching the series during the holidays. 

Sunday 1/10 – 6 miles | 12:01 min/mile 

This was an afternoon/early evening run. I knew I would be running on tired legs since I shifted t my workouts to Thursday-Sunday.  I was to run the first 3 miles at a relaxed pace and run the last 3 miles thirty seconds faster per mile.  Boy those 3 miles were hard – my legs were not having it. I finished with an average of 12:01 min/mile (12:31, 12:20, 12:25, 12:03, 11:25, 11:17).  Shy of the thirty seconds faster per mile (22, 28, 18). I ran past this house – reminds me of Charleston

I also made these chocolate chip cookie dough protein balls for the first time-recipe here. They were tasty. 

Note to self: Bring my Fitbit charger home.  I’ve been leaving my Bluetooth on (by accident), so it has been draining my battery.  Lost a few evenings last week and on Sunday. Also need to fully charge it! 

Weekly Total: 20 miles | 4 Runs

Year to Date: 40 miles | 8 Runs

How was your week? 

Have you made protein  balls before? 

Gate River Run 15K Training Week 1

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      1. Run Jenny Run

        The high tea was nice, now I regret not going with my friends when we visited Hong Kong 🙂 Hope you like the Dirty Dozen workout.

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Thanks Wendy! The dirty dozen…so hard…yet so good for you 🙂

      1. Run Jenny Run

        I think you would like it! Hope you get to go one day.

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Thank you! Two months in…still a work in progress. They are tough!

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Thanks Karen, you have been rocking your training 🙂 Almost a month away.

      1. Run Jenny Run

        It was more enjoyable than I thought it would be. Looking forward to catching up on your posts this weekend 🙂

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Thanks Lisa! There is another recipe with dates I would like to try next.

      1. Run Jenny Run

        It was! My mom wants to recreate at home one day with her friends 🙂

    1. YAY! What a great run you had on Saturday, jenny; you’re doing great in this training cycle! That picture of you from overhead is AWESOME! So cool! I’m glad you and your mom had fun; I love the idea of Peacock Alley. Can you imagine seeing that, during that time? Hope you have a great week!

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Thanks my friend! It was only 6 years ago that building was an empty parking lot for buses! Felt like a movie 🙂

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Can’t believe it is next weekend! Of course will have that race recap (plus many more from the fall).

    1. Great week of workouts! I recall in your last training cycle you were incorporating a lot of walking workouts in with your running. Is this an intentional change of training plan? (maybe I missed that in one of your posts). Do you run/walk in these workouts are straight run? I’m just curious based upon how my current coach has me training (lots of run/walk).
      Kelli recently posted…Should you invest in fenders for your bicycle?My Profile

      1. Run Jenny Run

        I usually walk 2-3 miles a day so I just ended up omitting it this training cycle since it has become routine. Most of my runs I run straight, but when I have gotten fatigued towards the end of a long run (esp hills) or sense some pain I’ve done a run/walk.

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Catchinggg up 🙂 Yup, I’m surprised I didn’t tell you. Catch up time soon! I ended up not running Miami since we went to JAX in February for a wedding and I’ll be there again next week. Couldn’t justify going to FL three months in row. Hope you try the Willard one day – a fun girls day!

    1. It sounds like you had a great week of workouts. I’ve had a few friends run that race and they absolutely love it. It’s one I want to do at some point in my life. I like the distance of 15k though, just short enough to miss that final pain of a half!

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Thanks Hollie! Glad your friends have loved it. This will be my first official 15K (last years Cherry Blossom turned into a 9.39 miler haha). You are spot on about missing the pain of a half 🙂

    1. Jenny I’m so happy you joined us again this week for the Weekly Wrap! You had a solid week of workouts. I’m still in recovery mode from my marathon and trying to get back into the swing of this new year. I was able to tie up some loose ends in 2015 this week and hopefully I can focus on 2016. I leave my Bluetooth on all the time to sync my fitbit but now that you say that, it is more than likely the reason my battery won’t go all day without some juice. I never thought of it being that.

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Thanks Tricia! I had a little hiatus and will be back on Monday 🙂 I just purchased a back up charger, no more dead Fitbit.

    1. You had a great training week! I look forward to getting back into a running routine now that I’m healthy and the marathon is over. How fun to have afternoon tea with your Mom! That is something I’ve never done. I can’t say it’s popular in the south…or it could be I’m just out of the loop. I only charge my Fitbit two or three times a week and my Bluetooth is on. That’s weird. Thanks for linking with us Jenny!
      HoHo Runs recently posted…Marathon Week (WW # 23)My Profile

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Of course! I will be back again on Monday 🙂 I think my problem is I’m always manually syncing the app so it drains it quicker. Eeeks.

    1. Great week of workouts! I play music during quiet time for my students and always get excited when a piano/symphony version of Adele comes on! Did you sing!? 🙂 Also, totally jealous you’re doing this race! When I was little we used to drive down (we lived on St. Simons!) and cheered my dad on as he ran it! It’s on my bucket list for sure.
      Lindsey recently posted…Friday 5: My Blogging HiatusMy Profile

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Belted out the lyrics….in my head 😀 I’ll let you know how it goes! Too bad you werent running it this year!

    1. Great week of training, Jenny and those protein balls look delish – I imagine them tasting like a little ball of chocolate chip cookie dough 🙂 The afternoon tea with your mom sounds lovely – there is a historic hotel in the MKE area that offers an afternoon tea – I’ve never been to it but now I have a great idea for a Mother’s Day gift this year!

      1. Run Jenny Run

        They did! Hope you and your mom get to try the tea in MKE 🙂

    1. Jealous that you have so many cool places to run. That tea that smells like Honeydew sounds amazing!

      Fun fact: I actually had to interview that actress that played in The Wire. I didn’t know who she was before so of course her name is escaping me now. She was real nice though!

      1. Run Jenny Run

        It was good! Soooo neat you interviewed one of the Wire actresses. Such a good series.

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Crazy it was more than a year ago. Hope your running or travels bring you to DC one day 🙂

      1. Run Jenny Run

        I made the same recipe again and need to branch out. So many good ones out there! Hope training is going well and catching up on your posts this weekend 🙂

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