Friday Five – Tips for Running in the Rain

April 25, 2014

April 25, 2014

“Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head” – BJ Thomas

As you may recall, I ran the LOVE Run Philadelphia Half Marathon about a month ago.  It rained the entire race (a record breaking 3 inches) and it was definitely a learning experience!  Below is one of my free race photos from that day (yeah I am that watch girl).


Prior to the race I did a quick Google search and tweet for running in the rain advice. Below are five tips that I found most useful:

1. Hat or visor – The brim will act as a barrier between the rain and your face.  You will still get wet (especially if it is windy), but I was most pleased with this piece of gear. 

2. Trash bag or disposable poncho – I wore a trashbag to the start (something you can do when it is chilly out as well) and discarded it before I ran (to the side of the road – I did not want anyone tripping over my bag).  Some people wore their bags the entire race.  If you look at my photo, the lady to my right had a disposable poncho – that was smart! Ponchos are usually roomy and clear enough to keep your bib visible.

3. Phone in a zip-lock bag – Nothing is worse than a soaked phone right? I put my phone in a small bag and I could still swipe.  I may use this as it gets hotter as sweat + smartphones do not play nice.

4. Capris or tights – Capris are my go to bottoms.  If I wore shorts, my legs probably would have chaffed.  If I wore looser fitting pants, they may have soaked up the water and sag.

5. Vaseline or BodyGlide –This is one item I did not use that I wish I had! Vaseline or BodyGlide can help with chaffing.  I had cuts from my heart rate monitor strap and bra due to the rain. 

Today I am linking up with Mar, Courtney,and Cynthia, definitely check out their blogs and linkup.


Do you have any tips for running in the rain?

Have you trained in the rain before?

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