Friday Five – Things I’ve Been Up To II

May 9, 2014

May 9, 2014

I am so glad it is Friday!! You may have noticed it has been light on the blog and social media front the past couple of weeks – work has been a bit (okay.. SUPER) busy as I complete my role on this project.

I thought I would share five things I’ve been up to, just like the last time work became crazy (hence the II 🙂 )

1. Signed up for Marathon Training

I ran with the Metro DC Galloway group while training for my first marathon.   While I had a great time with that program, I wanted to find a group that had long runs on Saturdays or Sundays when I start training for the New York Marathon.  There are so many great groups in the DC area – but I decided to go with Potomac River Running’s Distance Training Program.  I’ve heard great things about their program and while I have a “home” running group, if I need to run on a Saturday vs. Sunday I can go to a different location.


2. Running??

Actually this should be called “what I’ve not been up to”.  Unfortunately running and working out has taken a hit this week because of work 🙁  I have the Brooklyn Half and feeling a bit unprepared.  However, this will be my first time in Brooklyn and will run with my friend Laurel – so I am excited about that.

Image: NYRR

3. Vacation Brainstorming/Planning

I have not been on a vacation (as in longer than five days) since Vancouver.  I had to miss a family trip in March because of work. So I look forward to some vacation time in between projects this summer.  Any recommendations? 

4. Washington Monument Signup

If you live in the DC area – you may have noticed the scaffolding has come off the Washington Monument and it will be open for visits again on May 12th!  While they have same day tickets (free) available you can sign up for tickets online (free but a $1.50 online charge).  I signed up for some tickets since I’ve never visited.  

5.  Sous Chefing 

Tasty Thursday is on a little sabbatical for the next few weeks.  This past week I had a dinner of fried pork cutlet, egg, and rice – a Japanese dish called Katsudon. I sous chef-ed it (maybe not even that – I chopped onions and sliced the pork) – but it was a fun and delicious dinner!


Today I am linking up with Mar, Courtney,and Cynthia, definitely check out their blogs and linkup.


How do you fit in your running/workouts when it is really busy? 

Any summer vacation plans?

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