Friday Five – Things About Me II

June 27, 2014

June 27, 2014

Friday, Friday, Friday! 

Today I am linking up with MarCourtney, and Cynthia. This week’s theme is “Five Things About Me.” Mine are going to be completely random, enjoy! 

1. Gum Wrapper Chain Extraordinaire 


Image: Guinness World Record Holder Gum Wrapper

When I was younger I aspired to be the Guinness World Record Holder. My cousin would bring me a bag of gum wrappers each week so I could add to my chain (fruit stripes had the best colors).  I think I got up to 20-30 feet before I realized I would not catch up to this guy – 78K feet!  

2. Avid Reader of Ann M. Martin Books

Remember the Babysitter’s Club? I loved these books in elementary + middle school.  I thought they were so much better than the Sweet Valley High books.  Did anyone else read these? 


Image: Scholastic Ann Martin 

3. ISFJ 

My Myers-Briggs Type is an ISFJ.  I’ve been tested in undergrad, grad school, and post grad school and it has remained the same (although the degree of each indicator has shifted).  I am only an extreme “J” which stands for “judgement”.  It is a bit of a misnomer, it just means I am a huge huge planner. 

4. Card Hoarder 

I love paper goods (ahhh Paper Source).  I even buy birthday cards months in advance because I found the perfect one, then I lose them and buy another one. I’ve also saved every card (birthday, thank you notes, invites etc) since I was in 1st grade…25+ years of cards. 

5. Random Celebrity Run Ins 

Dave Chappelle in Georgetown, Luda aka Ludacris aka Chris Bridges in Dupont Circle, and Jamie Lee Curtis in Copenhagen! 


This picture was taken on a Friday morning… Freaky right?! 🙂

Did you have any interesting hobbies growing up? 

Do you know your Myers Briggs Type? 

Have you had any celebrity encounters? 

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