Friday Five – Happy 1 Year of Blogging

October 3, 2014

October 3, 2014

Happy Friday! I am currently heading to Corning, NY for the Wineglass Half Marathon.  Today Run Jenny Run Turned 1!  Below was my first tumblr post 365 days ago – lengthy huh?


Today I am linking up with MarCourtney, and Cynthia and thought I would share Five of my Favorite Posts.

1. Napa/Sonoma Racecation (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

In October 2013 I headed to Napa and Sonoma for my friend’s wedding.  While I was there I turned my trip into a racecation by running the Healdsburg Wine Country Half Marathon.

2. My First Friday Five Linkup (Link Here)

Was in December 2013 and I wrote about my Five Favorite Travel Photos from 2013.

3. Review of RIDE DC (Link Here)

My review of cycling studio RIDE DC when they opened in January 2014.  This was pretty cool because this post got placed on one of their sponsored Facebook ads.

4. Best Race (So Far) (Link Here)

Was running the inaugural Love Half Marathon in Philadelphia, PA.  It was one of my best races this year because it holds my half marathon PR, and it rained the entire time! This resulted in this post, Five Tips for Running in the Rain.

5. Favorite Recipes (Links Here and Here)

Okay, I am cheating a bit! I have two favorite recipes! Runner’s World Hummingbird Muffins from April and more recently, my mom’s pot roast.

Thanks for reading and joining me on my running/life journey!

If you blog – how long have you been blogging for?

What do you like to read about?

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