Friday Five – Halloween Edition

October 31, 2014

October 31, 2014

Happy All Hallow’s Eve!  I am currently en route to New York – so excited!  Thanks for your race day outfit votes/comments on Wednesday.

Today I am linking up with MarCourtney, and Cynthia and the theme is “Halloween” – so festive!  I look forward to reading everyone’s take on this theme – I went with Halloween through the Decades. Enjoy!

1. The 80’s

A not so scary kindergarten clown. My mom sewed this costume!


2. The 90’s

Little Red Riding Hood – I think this was second or third grade.  My mom also sewed my cape.  She is quite the crafter!


3. The 00’s

The first Halloween post-college.  A picture before “Nightmare on M Street” in Georgetown. I was a ballet dancer.


4. The 10’s

B-School festivities – I quickly put together this Morton Salt Girl outfit the night before.  The umbrella and poncho were all from the local drugstore.  I just took in the poncho a bit with a few quick stitches.


5. Today

For the past two Halloweens I stayed at home and passed out candy (oh how times have changed).  This year I will be resting up in my hotel.  I will probably finish some reading, do some online housekeeping, and get to bed early.

I will be posting updates/pics to Twitter and Instagram throughout this weekend.  Thanks for all your support and kind words so far!

Do you have a favorite Halloween costume?

A favorite Halloween memory?

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