Friday Five – Fitness Goals

April 18, 2014

April 18, 2014

Hello from Boston!

Today I am linking up with MarCourtney, and Cynthia and this week’s theme is “fitness goals” – perfect timing as I was planning on checking in on my 2014 fitness goals through Q1 (I reviewed my nutrition goals last week and will do a separate running post).

1. Go to Yoga, Barre or Ballet 1x/Week – Through the first quarter I’ve gone to a few yoga and barre classes, but nothing too regularly.  I would love to be more consistent and I think by posting my weekly training/workout recaps this will hold me more accountable.


Best yoga mat ever!

2. Go to Spinning or Zumba 1x/Week Although I have not attended a spin (aka cycle) or zumba class each week, I’ve been better about this fitness goal than the previous one (I get most of my cardio fix by running or personal training).  I usually take spin classes at my gym or at Ride DC, and my old roommate has recently joined me at the latter (who also doubles as the best running buddy!)


My Performance Metrics from Ride DC.

3. Go Swimming – Been non-existent so far, will try my best in Q2.

4. Do 5 Regular Pushups – Working on it… I can do 1/5. Modify pushups, that I can definitely do. 

5. Continue Strength Training and Foam Rolling – If I had to grade myself, this would be the one goal in which I would get an “A”.I am lucky to have Nicole as my personal trainer, and she def challenges me each week and encourages me to attend other fitness classes at the gym.


How are your 2014 fitness goals going?

Have you added any new fitness goals?

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