Friday Five – Favorite Winter Activities

December 12, 2014

Happy Happy Friday! Looking forward to staying local this weekend, running errands, and seeing family.  Today I am linking up with MarCourtney, and Cynthia and the theme is “Favorite Winter Activities.” 

1. Holiday Lights


DC has quite a few Christmas trees in the city.   In addition to the famous White House and Capitol trees, there are also tree displays in City Center,  the Willard, and ones randomly put up in the city.  Its nice to see the neighborhood lit up.  Next weekend I’ll head to Virginia Beach with my mom for J&A’s Surf N Santa 5 Miler.  It starts in the late afternoon and we run under the boardwalk lights. 

2. A Night at the Museum

Okay…technically in DC it would be a Day at the Museum since most close at 5:00pm.  I haven’t been to some of the museums in awhile, so it will be nice to visit them when I am off for the holidays (National Gallery of Art, Native American Museum, Air and Space).  Speaking of Night at the Museum….

3. Movie/TV Night

Winter is a nice time to catch up on tv shows and movies.  I’ve never watched the Night of the Museum movies, so that is on the list.  Last year I binge watched House of Cards leading up to the second season.   Anyone else excited for the February return of Frank Underwood?  Currently – I am on season 1 of Parenthood.

4. Hot Yoga or Yoga in a Warm Room


Just reading the word “hot” sounds great when it gets cold outside.  With ClassPass I’ve had the opportunity to check different yoga and barre studios in DC (I continued membership).  This past Sunday I tried Corepower Yoga for the first time and loved it.  The room was nice and warm!  I haven’t gone to a hot yoga class yet, but its definitely on the list to try this winter.

5. Running (of course)


Most people are inside during the winter so it is so nice to have the trails to yourself during the winter.  It’s beautiful to run post snow when the trails/paths are cleared.

What is your favorite light display?

Have you gone to hot yoga before?

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