Friday Five – Favorite Race Shirts

July 18, 2014

Friday is finally here! I am very excited for this weekend as I am headed to Istanbul, Turkey and Tbilisi, Georgia for vacation! Today I am linking up with MarCourtney, and Cynthia and the theme is Favorite _______. 

I thought I would keep it light and fun and share my Five Favorite Race Shirts.  It was not an easy feat as I’ve raced in over 40 the past 10 years (unfortunately my older race shirts are at my parents house – the cotton ones)! In no particular order: 

1. B.A.A Distance Medley 

This past April and June I ran the B.A.A 5K and B.A.A 10K as part of the B.A.A Distance Medley.  I will complete the medley by running the half marathon in October. I really liked the cut and material of the shirts. I wonder what the half shirt will look like. 

2. Miami Half Marathon 

I ran the Miami Half Marathon in 2012 and 2014.  Back when ING sponsored races I received their iconic orange and blue shirts.  This year there was a new title sponsor and I loved the modern design .

3. Washington DC Triathlon 

What?! A triathlon shirt?! I swam (yes in the Potomac), biked, and ran in a Sprint Triathlon in 2011.  Unfortunately the DC Triathlon is no longer an event. This shirt is on the list for sentimental reasons! My 2015 schedule may include a tri or two. 

4. Marine Corp Marathon 

My first marathon – no more words needed. 

5. Baltimore Running Festival 

I’ve run the Baltimore Half Marathon three times and the 5K this past October.  Why only 3 out of 4 shirts? I excluded the 2008 race shirt – it was a different cut and material. It is SOOO much nicer now fit-wise (for me). Baltimore differentiates the 5K, Half, Marathon and Relay runners with different race shirts. I’ve been lucky with all the blue shirts (even the 2008 one).   

Eventually I would like my shirts to be made into a quilt of some sort.  

Do you have a favorite race shirt? 

Do you wear your race shirts? Or do they stay in a drawer? 


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