Friday Five – Favorite Indoor Workout (CPY)

January 30, 2015

Happy last Friday of January! Crazy, right?!  Today I am linking up with MarCourtney, and Cynthia and this week is “Favorite Indoor Workouts.”  Through ClassPass, I’ve been able to try several new studios and workouts.  Today I thought I would share five reasons why Core Power Yoga is currently my Favorite Indoor Workout:

1. Variety of Classes/Levels

They offer Core Power Yoga 1,2 and 3 (Vinyasa), Hot Yoga, Hot Power Fusion, Yoga Sculpt and Core Restore.  My favorite is Yoga Sculpt.

2. Yoga + Cardio + Sculpt (with weights)

Describes a Yoga Sculpt Class, its like three classes in one! The music is fun and the heat is on (literally).  Definitely a good total body workout.

3. Sweat Factor

Depending on the instructor and the class the temperature/humidity will vary.  Be prepared to sweat. 

4. The Music

Upbeat music – similar to a cycling class.  It mirrors the sequences we are about to go through.  Expect high energy songs for the cardio sessions.

5. Nice Facilities

The facilities are really nice – bright and large.  The sitting area and locker rooms are pretty modern and they have showers available (you will need to bring your own lock if you want to secure your belongings).

Have you tried Core Power Yoga or a similar yoga class?

What is your favorite type of yoga?

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