Friday Five – Cold Weather Running Tips

November 14, 2014

November 13, 2014

Happy Friday! Umm..T-day is less than 2 weeks away – bananas! Today I am linking up with MarCourtney, and Cynthia and the theme is “Cold Weather Running Tips.”  DC was hit with its first bout of cold cold weather yesterday – so this is a timely topic.  While most people are not fans of cold weather running – I actually prefer it! 


1. Head and Hands

Reduce your chance of heat loss and hypothermia by wearing a hat/headbands and gloves/mittens.  Headwarmers are also a nice to have as well. I know tech fabric is always great to wick away moisture and sweat, but in extremely cold weather I’ve found non wicking headbands and gloves to work for me as well (plus they were thrifty finds from Walmart and Old Navy).

2. Layer Up

In below freezing temperatures I tend to wear tights, a tank top, long sleeved technical shirt, and a vest.  If much colder, I may add a thicker long sleeved top.  I prefer peeling off the layers vs. not having that option to.  Runner’s World has a great “What to Wear” website.

3. Hydration

Even though it is cold out – remember to hydrate!  Although the rate of consumption may be slower, you are still sweating.  When there is snow out and I do not feel like carrying my bottle, I stick it in a bank of snow during my run and have it available after the turnaround point.

4. Runner Safety

Continue to exercise runner safety, especially as the days get shorter.  Tell someone when you are heading out, wear a road ID, check your visibility (clothing, lights), and if necessary run against traffic.  During the winter you also want to be aware of black ice and slippery conditions.  I have Yaktrax when it gets slick out.

5. Buddy Up /Think of Spring Goals

Too cold outside to go run? Too cold to go to the gym? I’ve used that excuse before….I know you have too haha.  Buddy up and think of your spring goals.  Last winter I ran weekly with my old roommate and it definitely helped me with my spring season.

Good Luck to all the Richmond Marathon (Courtney, Christine), Half Marathon (Julie, Chaitali), and 8k runners! 

Do you prefer running in the cold or in the heat?

Do you have a favorite piece of winter running gear?

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