Friday Five – Brands to Love

April 17, 2015

Happy Friday! This afternoon I will be heading down to Richmond for a half marathon this weekend….just kidding…will be there for a wedding πŸ™‚ Today I am linking up with Mar, Courtney, and Cynthia and the theme this week is Five Brands to Love.

1. Jade Yoga

Image: Jade Yoga

When I was looking for a new yoga mat last year my friend Laurel (also a yoga instructor) recommended Jade Yoga.  I love my mat and they come in different colors.  According to the website they are environmentally friendly, non slip (but can be slippery during hot yoga) and  comfortable (if you need extra cushioning they do have a thicker mat size, but it is not as thick as the lululemon version).

2. Brooks Heritage Collection

Image: Brooks Heritage Instagram

My Brooks Adrenalines are my Go To Shoes (GTS) for running.  Last year Brooks introduced the Brooks Heritage Collection and I purchased a couple of pairs when I was in Boston for the B.A.A 5K.  They come in fun colors and are so comfortable! I use these as my “casual” shoes – they look a bit nicer than wearing my running shoes all weekend.  If you have a chance, check out their Instagram account, I swoon over the shoes they post!

3. TriggerPoint

Image: TriggerPoint

My roller of choice! I was looking for a dense foam roller and this brand does the trick.

4. Oiselle

Image: Oiselle

Surprised? Love their spring line/colors and luckily I was given a few holiday gift cards from my siblings, cousin and my Oiselle Secret Santa, Sheila! Good clothes, good mission, good people. 

5. Lucy

Image: Lucy

Lucy is another athletic clothing retailer.  I primarily shop here for their socks….I know pretty random, right? A few years back my mom purchased some of their training socks for me (no frills, very cushiony) and I wear them for all my runs/races.  I’ve never gotten a blister so I just stuck with them!

Good luck to all the Boston Marathon runners as they prepare for Marathon Monday (shout out to Pam and JR)!

What is your favorite brand of socks?

What is your favorite casual shoe?

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Run Jenny Run
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      1. Run Jenny Run

        Love the foam roller πŸ™‚ I want to try some of their other products like their massage ball. I need to look for some cute flip fops -primarily wear my rubber ones.

    1. Happy Friday! I don’t have a favorite brand of socks or casual shoe (actually, do Locals flip flops count?). I do love Jade yoga mats though! I think it may be my next one when i’m ready for a new yoga mat (I’m using a Manduka mat right now — love it, but i like to switch things up). Have a great time in Richmond! πŸ™‚
      Nathasha recently posted…Weekend Reads: Marathons – The cost, the win, the survivalMy Profile

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Yup, Locals flip flops would count! Never heard of that brand, will need to check it out. I’ve seen Manduka at the yoga studio as well!

    1. I really really want a pair of those Brooks Heritage to wear to work and around town. I love the style and colors!

      1. Run Jenny Run

        They are so comfortable…I live in them πŸ™‚ I have the Vanguards, but would be curious to see how the others fit.

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Woo hoo! You are the best! Safe travels this week and perhaps I’ll see you on Friday (I’ll let you know by Thursday if I drive to CC).

    1. This is so great, Jenny, and I hope you have a blast at the wedding this weekend! I have a couple of different brands/types of socks that I switch up; it’s funny that some of the best ones come from the most random places. right? I probably wear mostly Birkenstocks and Toms for casual shoes (well, and some flip flops in the summer!), when I’m not at work. I like for my feet to be comfy! I’ll be happy when the day comes (and I just know it will!) that running shoes are acceptable “professional attire.” HA! Have a great weekend!
      Tara @ Running ‘N’ Reading recently posted…Five Beauty Brands to LoveMy Profile

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Thanks Tara! I hope you had a great weekend. I would love it when running tights/yoga pants are also acceptable attire haha.

    1. Hey there! I usually go with SmartWool socks….but b/c of your post, just ordered a couple pair of the Lucy training socks!! Thanks!! πŸ™‚ Have a great trip this weekend! Hope to catch up soon!

      1. Run Jenny Run

        I’ll have to try SmartWools now. Hope you like the Lucy socks, if anything they are nice to wear around the house or casual use. Can’t wait to read about the relay from this weekend!

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Thanks Sharon! You’ll have to let me know how you like them once you try them.

    1. Great picks, Jenny! My favorite brand of socks is probably Feetures, with Pro Compression running a close second (and that’s only because I wear Feetures for my everyday runs, so I don’t get to wear my PC compression socks as often). My favorite brand of casual shoes is probably Converse. I really like those Brooks Heritage shoes, though–especially in purple and gold (the colors of my alma mater).

      Have a great weekend!
      Molly @alsoranagain recently posted…5 Things I’m Loving Right NowMy Profile

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Thanks Molly! Converse shoes are definitely a runner up – my bf mentioned them this weekend and I realized I’ve been neglecting them for the past year. Will need to insert the into rotation soon.

    1. Great list, Jenny! My favorite socks are Balega. They are so comfortable and don’t give me blisters! Even though I’m a Mizuno gal, I love those Brooks heritage collection shoes. They are so cute and look great for running around town!
      Cecilia @ MommiesRun recently posted…Friday Five: 5 Brands I LoveMy Profile

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Thanks Cecilia! So many Mizuno gals here πŸ™‚ Hope you had a good weekend!

    1. I totally need to try TriggerPoint! I’ve heard so much about them. I don’t even know what brand I have, but I pretty much avoid it like the plaque, either way, haha. I usually just use The Stick, but I know I get better results with an actual roller.
      Jennifer @ The Final Forty recently posted…Wanted: Taper TipsMy Profile

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Hahah good analogy. Give it a shot at your running store. My brother got me a stick for Christmas and I like how portable it is.

    1. Oh I’ve seen the Brooks heritage shoes and totally dig them! I love stuff that looks retro. I just got an email from them which some on sale and I’m seriously contemplating getting a pair. My main fave brands are for shoes too! Either Hoka or Nike. Oh and I love Plant Fusion vegan protein powder!
      Jill recently posted…A Few Things Friday…My Profile

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Ooooh sale – go for it πŸ™‚ I know a few people have been raving about the Hokas – I like their colors.

    1. I have been wondering how the Brooks Heritage shoes fit! They are super cute and I remember when I first received an email introducing the collection. Love the idea of mixing running comfort with style πŸ™‚

      My favorite everyday running socks are Feetures. For compression socks, I love CEP and PRO Compression. For casual socks, Smart Wool is excellent!
      Sun recently posted…Cheeseburger CasseroleMy Profile

      1. Run Jenny Run

        I have the Vanguards, I am curious how the other shoes fit. Smart Wool has been very popular – should look for them when I am at the store.

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Haha I wish there was a (new) sock exchange, so many to try out πŸ™‚

      1. Run Jenny Run

        I have the one that is about a foot long, can fit into my carry on. There is an even smaller one – so cute!

      1. Run Jenny Run

        I got mine at a City Sports store in Boston. I haven’t seen them in our local City Sports stores though :/ Maybe tweet them?

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Hope you like them! I haven’t had issues with chaffing in the back.

      1. Run Jenny Run

        You will LOVE it! I would like to try their other products – like the ball. Would be good / small enough to use in the office.

    1. I’ve never heard of Lucy socks. Thanks for the suggestion. I love my JFit foam roller but wonder if the Trigger Point would do a better job with its ridges. Have a great weekend.
      HoHo Runs recently posted…Brands to LoveMy Profile

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Thanks! Hope you get to test one out at your local running store or sports store.

      1. Run Jenny Run

        I have a few old old old pairs of Feetures (back when they only had the white socks with blue stitching) – they last a long time!

    1. Great list! Mine would probably be.
      1. Mizuno – love their shoes and gear
      2. Moving Comfort – their Vero sports bra is the best
      3. ProCompression – I feel like I have been living in their socks lately
      4. – putting my old clothes on my doorstep and making some money off them, fabulous
      5. Orange Theory Fitness- obsessed with these places
      Abby @ BackAtSquareZero recently posted…5 Tips to Get Noticed by Your Favorite BrandMy Profile

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Ahh I guessed your #1 and #5 πŸ™‚ I would like to give Moving Comfort a shot, just need to find some time to go try them on at the store haha (I am a fast shopper… just like to go in/out).

      1. Run Jenny Run

        It was beautiful! When I went to snag a picture of the socks, I forgot how cute some of their jackets/hoodies were.

    1. Those yoga mats look awesome, and foam rollers are lovely! (Even if they hurt like hell sometimes!)

      Hope you had/have a great weekend! :]

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Thanks Steph! Hope you had a good weekend as well. Cushion is my main criteria as well.

    1. Those Brooks Heritage shoes are pretty cool shoes for casual wear. I have a regular foam roller, but that trigger point style of roller looks like it would feel amazing.

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Thanks Gabby – I love those shoes. Once you transition from the regular foam roller to trigger point, it feels like the first time you ever foam rolled (memories of ouchhh). You get use to it just like the other foam rollers – feels good.

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Ohh I never looked into Lucy for bags, I could use a smaller gym bag. Thanks!

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Haha same sentiment. Luckily it gets more love from me than hate.

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