Chicago Marathon Training Week 5 – 6/29-7/5

July 7, 2015

Hope everyone had a nice long weekend! Even though it is the same number of days, Saturday-Monday always seems longer than Friday-Sunday! Today I am linking up with Tara at Running n’ Reading for the Weekend Update (One day later than usual…will get back to my usual blogging pattern soon! I have so many posts in draft mode to share). 

Monday 6/29– 2 mile walk 

Tuesday 6/30 – 2 mile walk + 60 minutes personal training + 1 mile elliptical 

Wednesday 7/1 – 2 mile walk + 3 mile run @11:59 min/mile 

Thursday 7/2 – 2 mile walk 

Friday 7/3 – 2 mile walk + 2 mile run @ 

Saturday 7/4 – 8.5 mile run @ + 1.5 mile walk 

Sunday 7/5 – 2 mile walk 

Total: 28 miles (13.5 walk | 13.5 run | 1 elliptical) 


No bueno.  I planned on using my parent’s neighborhood pool this past weekend, but the rain got in the way :/ I think I’ll rearrange my schedule a bit to get one of my swim workouts in the beginning of the week instead of leaving it to the end. 


No bueno as well.  I wanted to take my bike to the shop to get a tune up (and fix a flat…note…I need to relearn how to fix my own flat), but it was closed by the time I got there.  #JenFail


The past couple of weeks have been rainy – which cooled down the area a bit and made it semi enjoyable to run in.  I ran three times last week including another morning run (3 weeks in row ftw).  We’ll see how I do this week since my running partner is out of town.  

Run #1: 3 mile run @11:59 min/mile (12:08, 12:16, 11:32)

A quick 3 miles in Rock Creek Park – it was so empty except for a few commuter bicyclists.  Apparently it stormed the night before so there were some branches and puddles along the path.  Does the top of the hill look familiar? It is the famous Calvert Street Hill from the RnR USA Half Marathon. 

Run #2: 2 mile run @11:30 min/mile (11:06, 11:54) 

My original plan run my 10 miler on Friday morning so I could participate in DCRR’s Handicapped 4 Miler on Saturday.  Well this is what happened: snooze…snooze….snooze.  Woops… woke up too late… fine…move the long run to the afternoon/evening.  I put on my Farrow Tank (yay for sales), new shoes and set out for my long run.  Well that didn’t happen.  I picked up a new fuel to try (Clif Organic Energy Food – Banana Mango with Coconut…which was yummy), but due to its weight it made my belt bounce up and down during the run and proved too annoying.  

So I ran two miles…said hello to Gandi and dilly dallied for the rest of the afternoon (including a stop at Books-A-Million) where I nabbed 5 books for 20% off + a spiffy tote bag.  

Run #3: 8.5 mile run @12:09 min/mile (12:33, 11:50, 11:46, 13:18, 11:48, 11:27, 11:57, 12:28) 

On Saturday I got myself out of bed for the long run. I planned a route that would take me north towards the Maryland border and back south towards downtown DC.  

I passed the zoo and started having doubts about the route I planned (which would involve some hills on Connecticut Avenue).  I decided forget this…I’m not running up these hills and changed my route a bit.  

I ran passed the Cleveland Park Metro and looped back south where I made a right turn onto Macomb Street. It looked flat enough.  Well I was wrong.  Once I passed the flat section it was a half mile climb uphill until I reached Wisconsin Avenue – that was my 13:18 split.  I suppose the reward was seeing this beauty…..

and downhill on Embassy Row (where I ran a couple of weeks ago here).  At this point it started to pour.  When I checked forecast it called for rain later in the morning.. groan…since I didn’t bring a visor.  After seeing PraireRunnerGirl Instagram picture, I made a slight detour to pass the Old Executive Office Building (next to the White House) – so patriotic! 

Because of my detour I arrived at my friend’s apartment sooner than expected so I could feed her cat (ended at mile 8.5 vs. mile 10).  By the time I finished I was cold and my muscles were tight, so I walked 1.5 miles home.   

Overall I was happy with the long run despite the shorter distance – it averaged out to my goal marathon pace. I need to work on more consistent splits – its tough to fight the urge to run at half marathon pace.  This week I also plan on extending one of my shorter runs to 6 miles (previous weeks I was running 5 miles).  


My parents hosted a Fourth of July BBQ at their house.  I didn’t get a chance to make a blueberry dessert (plus I ate up most of the supply), so I brought over Hell or High Watermelon Beer by 21st Amendment (I had that when I visited SF a couple of years ago).  Have you tried it before? I didn’t partake in the beer, but indulged in the desserts. 

On Sunday I visited a couple of my friends in Baltimore – including their new two month old baby.  It was fun catching up with them (we chatted for more than 6 hours).  Later that evening I enjoyed a yummy dinner a la Cliff.  

How was your weekend? 

Did you run a Fourth of July race? 

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Run Jenny Run
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    1. It looks like you had a really fun and scenic long run. Your pics of DC remind me of when I was there last Fall, it’s such an amazing city (I know you say that about CHS too and it’s all good). I bet the area near the Zoo is really fun for running, it looked like it would be but I remember there were some hills. Looks like DC was really patriotic for the 4th and glad ya had a good long weekend!
      Amy Lauren recently posted…Training for Summertime 5Ks (June 29 – July 5)My Profile

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Thanks Amy! Haha I know I always say that about CHS 🙂 I was tempted to run through the zoo and hop onto the Rock Creek path, but I wasn’t in the mood to run towards Georgetown. You are right, that area is particularly hilly (going north and west) – great memory! I also thought of going to the mall as part of the long run, but was afraid there would be road closures/security check points ahead of that nights festivities (apparently it wasn’t that bad).

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Yay I’m glad you were able to enjoy the festivities in DC. Could you hear the concert from there?

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Thanks Jenn. I’ve been trying to change it up this year since I pretty much used the same route all last year during my long runs (downtown towards the monument). There are some nice paths along the Virginia side, but some of it is not shaded (I could always drive further down the path where it is).

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Exactly! Looks like you had a nice bike ride over the weekend 🙂 Now I want to get a pic in front of the sign as well 🙂

      1. Run Jenny Run

        I hope they go away! I want to go outdoor swimming haha. The watermelon beer tastes like beer with a hint of watermelon (I think the base is wheat). It didn’t taste sweet to me, but to others it may have. I know they sell them at Whole Foods or Im sure you can find them around town in Baltimore.

    1. We were at the zoo on Friday and saw several people running up the hill. I turned to Mike and said “glad that’s not me!” It sounds like you had a lot of scenic runs this week 🙂
      Chaitali recently posted…One Pot PastaMy Profile

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Haha I like that comment 🙂 I thought about running through the zoo and hopping onto Rock Creek, but then wasn’t sure how much it would change my mileage/plan. Maybe next time.

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Exactly! I need to start planning more routes towards Capitol Hill/Eastern Market area. Those are nice neighborhoods to venture around. The watermelon beer is yummy. If you like wheat beers, then you will like this one (and I am not a beer fan).

    1. “Plus I ate up most of the supply.” Haha! That’s so me. I love it.

      Great job on a good week. I still think it’s impressive you consistently fit in so many different activities. Great job on your long run, too.
      Christy recently posted…4th of July + ARR 4 Mile RaceMy Profile

      1. Run Jenny Run

        I did not know I could eat up 4lbs in one week haha 🙂 They were so good, not sure If I will be able to head out again this season. Store bought it is.

    1. You did great with the running last week! I’m sure you can keep the momentum up yourself this week even with your running partner out of town.

      That gel sounds delicious – I’ve never seen one with coconut, which is one of my favorite flavors! Perfect for summer.
      Sun recently posted…In Search of MotivationMy Profile

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Thanks Sun! It sure is a good to way get you motivated to get out of bed that early. This week has been tough. The gel almost tasted like baby food (not that I’ve tried baby food before…but what I think it would taste like) – or at least the consistency. I was surprised that I enjoyed it.

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Definitely! I just want to go for a swim outside and also lounge 🙂 Get rid of the capri/short tan.

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Fun! I should know better…any left turn towards Mass or Wisconsin = hills!

    1. Sounds like a good week! Seems like this is the rainiest summer since I’ve been here. Not really liking it. Looks like Cliff is quite the cook. He made you pancit! 🙂
      Sharon recently posted…Ways to Fuel Your TrainingMy Profile

      1. Run Jenny Run

        The pancit is good 🙂 They have opened quite a few Filipino restaurants in the area, but we haven’t gone yet.

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Thanks, EB! I am not a huge beer drinker, but I enjoy the watermelon beer or a blue moon 🙂 Yay for another fan!

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Yes, hope you make it down sometime! I’ll be up in your neck of the woods in October.

    1. sounds like you’re ramping up! Way to go and stay healthy.
      5 weeks out from Pikes Peak full so you know it’s a barrel of fun here!
      Be well!

      1. Run Jenny Run

        OMG Pikes Peek! I’ve been meaning to email you to see whats up post Boston. Is Jenn running this too? You and the sisters?

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Thanks Lara 🙂 This weekend I was lucky I was able to change my schedule around (I had not planned to many things). Hope you are having a great week!

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