Chicago Marathon Training Week 18 – 9/28-10/4

October 6, 2015

Happy Happy Tuesday! As some of you know I was in Massachusetts for my sister’s wedding.  Can any of you guess where it was held based on the pic? Hint: Where the Pilgrims Landed (scroll down for the answer).

Plymouth, MA – home to Plymouth Rock

Monday 9/28– 2 mile walk

Tuesday 9/29– 2 mile walk

Wednesday 9/30 – 2 mile walk

Thursday 10/1 – 2 mile walk

Friday 10/2– Travel to Boston

Saturday 10/3– Travel to Plymouth

Sunday 10/4  Sister’s Wedding

Total: 8 miles and change

This past week there was a lot of foam rolling and stretching.  Remember I ran the Clarendon Day Double? Near the end of the 10K I started feeling a pinching (not even sure if that is the correct adjective) in my lower quad (inner side).  It wasn’t painful, but a bit uncomfortable.  It continued for the entire week whenever I tried to jog/run.  Out of caution, I decided to give it some rest for the week (missing my last 10 miler and two short runs).  It is feeling better, but I am re-thinking my race strategy a bit just in case it flairs up during Chicago. Anyhoots…since I don’t have any runs to share with you this week, I thought you would enjoy a bit of the fun from last week.

Cliff and I arrived in Boston on Friday and stayed in the Back Bay area.  We had a delicious bowl of clam chowder at M.J O’Connors – which was an accidental and unexpected find! I can’t believe I didn’t get a picture of the soup.  We were hoping to do a little more exploring, but it was so cold/windy! I should have packed a heavier jacket (I brought a light rain slicker).  Below is a pic from Saturday morning as we made our way to Plymouth. 

We stayed at the Mirbeau Inn and Spa at the Pinehills – designed to look like a French châteaux

Here is my sister Donna and my new brother-in-law Noah (her dress was from BHLDN, which is the sister brand to Anthropologie that sells wedding and bridesmaid dresses).

My parents! My dad makes an appearance on the blog!

Cliff and me before the actual wedding (my bridesmaid dress was from J. Crew Factory for $35…score).  Ok…want to hear something funny?  It was a bit chilly out and I knew my legs would get cold.  What is a girl to do? I ended up wearing my Oiselle Long Flyte Shorts underneath my dress! The extra layer was better than nothing and worked as a quasi spanx alternative haha.

I don’t have pictures from the actual ceremony since I was in the wedding party.  My sister, who is a pastry chef, made vanilla extract favors.

She also made bonbons for the dessert table – below is the green matcha flavor (there were 4 or 5 other flavors). 

Have you attended a wedding recently?

Any interesting or unique favors?

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      1. Run Jenny Run

        Yup – I was pretty impressed. I wish I snagged some more of the bon bons. I would love to return to Chicago to run along the Lakefront – we tried walking there, but did not see an over or underpass to cross Lakeshore Drive.

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