Chicago Marathon Training Week 10 – 8/3-8/9

August 10, 2015

I am on vacation – yay! The week leading up to vacation is always hectic (tying up loose ends at work/home).  I ended up packing the morning of my flight. Ok.. on to my training recap!

Monday 8/3– 2 mile walk + 60 minutes personal training

Tuesday 8/4 – 2 mile walk + 3.1 mile run @12:07 min/mile

Wednesday 8/5 – 2 mile walk

Thursday 8/6 – En Route to Vancouver (loads of airport walking)

Friday 8/7 – 1 mile wm + 3 mile run @11:14 min/mile + 1 mile cd

Saturday 8/8– 9 mile elliptical @11:30-12:00 min/mile

Sunday 8/9 – Kayaking

Total: 23.1 miles (6 walk | 8.1 run | 9 elliptical)


We were suppose to arrive in Vancouver Thursday afternoon.  I thought…score… maybe I could find a local pool to get some laps in…after all I was on a good streak.  Mechanical delays foiled my plans….we arrived late Thursday evening.


My sister and I wanted to bike Stanley Park…but that also didn’t happen (darn delays).  I had so much fun riding around Stanley Park the last time I was here in 2013 for the SeaWheeze Half Marathon (recap here).  


Run #1: 3.1 mile run @12:07 min/mile (12:26, 12:25, 11:40). 

Tuesday morning I met Rachel near the entrance of Rock Creek Park (we jogged down the infamous RnR DC hill) and ran 3.1 miles (technically negative splits with mile 2 one second faster than mile 1 haha).  It was my last run with Rachel -insert huge sad face –  since Rachel and her husband are moving out of town while I am on vacation.  

I will miss running with Rachel – in addition to being a great friend (and former roommate) she was the best running/yoga/spin/I’ll try a class with you partner.  Luckily she will only be a 2-3 hour drive from DC!  

Run #2: 1 mile wm + 3 mile run @11:14 min/mile (12:05, 11:17, 10:21) + 1 mile cd

After some much needed sleep I woke up around 6:30 AM PST and headed outside for a run.  I was so glad we were staying in downtown Vancouver – so close to the water! 

I  made my way towards Stanley Park – the views were spectacular!

Overall I was happy with this run – the cooler temperatures made for faster splits…hello 10s! 

Run #3: 9 mile elliptical @11:30-12:00 min/mile

There was a fitness center on the cruise ship, but the machines were a bit older than the ones I use at my gym (I’m sure they maintain it).  When I hopped onto the mill for 14 miles, it was hurting my shins so I decided to err on the safe side and moved on to the elliptical for 9 miles before I had to meet my family.  


Before I left for Vancouver/Alaska, Cliff and I met his friends for a baseball game at Nats Stadium.  The Nats ended up losing (we didn’t stay for the entire game since I had to pack), but we had some nice seats 🙂 

On Sunday morning my family and I went on a kayaking excursion in Ketchikan, Alaska.  My sister was my partner! I’ll be writing a vacation recap when I return. 

I’m looking for a new morning running buddy – do you live in DC and run 11-11:30min/miles?

Have you gone to a baseball game this summer? 

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