Chicago Marathon Countdown – Race Day Outfit

October 7, 2015

Woah Nelly….4 more days until Chicago! Speaking of Nelly…Chicago will be “Hot in Herre”. Last week the forecast called for a high of 63F, partly cloud with a 10% chance of rain.  Today the forecast for Sunday is a high of 70F, mostly sunny and 0% chance of rain.

So if you are 7-14 days out from your marathon and the weather is A,B,C…it can very well change to X,Y,Z (for the good or the bad depending on your outlook).  The temperature will definitely impact my race day outfit.  This year I’ve narrowed it down to two and will likely choose one Saturday or Sunday (here is my New York post from last year). 

Option 1 – Oiselle Singlet | Black Capris | Brooks Adrenalines GTS

Option 2 – Oiselle Gwen Tank | Black Capris | Brooks Adrenalines GTS

Last year I wore my Oiselle singlet for the New York City Marathon and it was perfect for that day (cool and windy) and easy for my friends/family to spot.  Why is there an Option 2?  I tend to overheat and I prefer racerback tanks for a little more ventilation in the back/shoulders.  I’ve kept in mind that the race will be cool at the start and warm up at the end.

Here are my previous countdown posts:

I’m catching up on posts/comments from last week – I’m a little behind from this past weekend’s events. 

Do you plan your outfit ahead of time? Or pick the morning of?

What do you typically wear for 70F?

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Run Jenny Run
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      1. Run Jenny Run

        I wish I wore shorts that day! Got hotter than what I thought it would be!

    1. WOO HOO!!! It’s race week, Jenny!! I’m so excited for you! Well, while I would rather run in cooler weather, it looks like it’ll be a bit cooler at the start and then warm up to 70 degrees; I would definitely go sleeveless and wear shorts (compression ones, like my Flyte shorts). You’re going to look great, no matter what; I love both of these choices! I can’t wait to hear about your trip and the race; I’ll be thinking about you and cheering!
      Tara @ Running ‘N’ Reading recently posted…Quotable Quotes: Once a Runner by John L. Parker, Jr.My Profile

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Thanks Tara 🙂 I wish I wore my flyte shorts! I ended up getting hotter than I expected in my capris!

    1. i’ve been keeping an eye on the forecast, too, and i was so excited that it was supposed to be in the 60s! now, my zipcode is showing a forecast of 77 for sunday; ugh! i’m just hoping it’s one of those chicago weather things where it ends up being way colder than they thought it would be (happens often). i would definitely wear the racerback in 70 degrees.
      brittney @ corral b recently posted…30 before 30: #9My Profile

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Glad I went with the racerback – thank thanks again for cheering! Must have been warm for spectating too!

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Thanks, Jenn! I am glad I went with the racerback – it heated up pretty quickly with little coverage.

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Haha probably more than we think (hopefully not too much). That is a good idea to go outside for a test run or walk the morning of the race.

    1. Typically I just wear whatever I pull out of the drawer on the day of the race, unless it’s a race where I need to wear something specific. I’m an ambassador for a local running store so for some races, I have to wear their shirts (and I just have to make sure the short sleeve, tank, or long sleeved shirt from the store is clean and ready). I’ve also worn new clothes to race in, which is the cardinal sin of running but those were 5K races that I didn’t care too much about and not goal races.

      I think both of your outfits are great. You might want a throw away jacket at the start sometimes but I find that racing in tank tops works for most weather conditions.

      You just never know how the temps can change. Last Tuesday, I thought it would be a GREAT day for the IOP Connector Run. Supposed to be in the 70s for a high. Well Charleston flooded and the run was cancelled… so big change there!
      Amy Lauren recently posted…Weekly Rundown: Sept 28 – Oct 4My Profile

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Usually for shorter local races I will decide morning of, 10K or longer I’ll pick it out ahead of time. Ambassador races do make it easy in deciding 🙂 I found Walmart has a good selection for throwaway tops! Thanks, Amy!

    1. Either outfit looks like a winner to me 🙂 I also like to plan my outfit in advance – one less thing to worry about the morning of the race. When it’s 70 degrees, I can be found in shorts and a tank. I tend to overheat so don’t like to wear any extra layers!
      Sun recently posted…Honey Dijon Chicken + Cherry Almond CouscousMy Profile

      1. Run Jenny Run

        I wish I wore shorts! I’ve run in my capris in the 70s before and I thought it wasn’t bad… I suppose I forgot. Ahh cant wait to catch up and read all your posts (including this Honey Dijon Chicken recipe you have).

    1. Exciting! I think about my outfit in advance, usually it is a pair of distance shorts/toolbelt rogas (long distance) or mac rogas (5ks/Ragnar) and my singlet. Have fun–have your throw away clothes ready too!
      Wendy recently posted…Weak-a$$ Glutes!My Profile

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Nice! I haven’t run in my long roads yet. Thanks for the reminder – I almost forgot my throwaway gloves while packing.

    1. I know I’ll be wearing my Team PAWS singlet, but I’m now trying to decide if I want to wear my water belt. With the day heating up pretty significantly I’m thinking I might want to carry a bottle with me. Sometimes those little paper cups just aren’t enough!
      Kristina recently posted…Figured It OutMy Profile

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Singlet looked great on you and it will be again for next year! During the race I ended up filling my waterbottle and guzzling out of the cups 🙂

    1. That’s pretty warm. I’d got with a tank, for sure. I hope you have a wonderful race, Jennifer. I had to back out due to a foot injury (super bummed about it!). Good luck and ENJOY!
      HoHo Runs recently posted…I Am TenaciousMy Profile

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Thanks Holly! Hope you are feeling better. Do you think you will run next year?

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Thank you, Wendy! I thought of this while I was running the last 3.

    1. That sounds about like the weather I had for my first marathon (Louisiana in January 2013). We started and it was about 50 degrees, but temps had climbed close to 70 by the time I was in the last 10K. I had a tank with capris. My tank was black and cotton (not the best choice, but it was cute! It said “suck it up, buttercup”). I would recommend the Oiselle top since the colors are a bit lighter so it may be cooler. Good luck!!
      Kelli recently posted…Five Reflections on 2016 Race SeasonMy Profile

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Yikes! The slogan on your tank was cute! It ended up being a warm day, but now I know I can get through it (although slower than I would have like, I’m glad I was able to finish).

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Thank you, Sherry! I would have never thought I would marathon in 70F! Now I know I can finish one in that heat (although not the funnest at the time).

    1. Good good luck!! I can’t believe it’s already here! I would wear the least amount of clothing possible. 70 degrees with direct sunlight is hot for racing. Let’s hope you get some clouds! Either way you’ll do great.
      Christy recently posted…October ActivitiesMy Profile

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Thanks so much, Christy! I should have gone with shorts, but now I know what conditions are like in Chicago.

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Hahah I change my mind (often) too 🙂 Thanks, Coco! I really enjoyed all your work pic photos prior to my trip.

    1. I tend to overheat too, but I’m FREEZING if not running. (I’m that person who always needs a sweater with her at dinner or going out.) I definitely pack multiple options for race day! You can never be too prepared.

      Kick butt tomorrow!!
      Ali @ Hit the Ground Running recently posted…Decisions, DecisionsMy Profile

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Agreed! I think my family/bf were baffled when I checked my luggage with extra clothes 😉

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Aww thanks, Jennifer! So nice since I think you have the most CREATIVE outfits!

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